Henry W. Bloch
School of Management

Bachelor of Science in Accounting (B.S.A.)

Excellence is always in demand.
Accountants are always in demand across a variety of industries. The Henry W. Bloch School of Management offers excellence in accounting education through its undergraduate and graduate accounting programs.

After you graduate with a Bloch B.S.A. you’ll have the convenient option to complete your Master of Science in Accounting in just 30 additional credit hours.

Degree Requirements

The Bloch School requires a minimum of 120 credit hours to earn the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree. This total includes coursework in the following areas: General Education, Electives, Basic Skills and Accounting and Business Requirements.

  • General Education (30 hours)
  • General Electives (15 hours)
  • Basic Skills Requirements (21 hours)
  • International Requirement (3 hours)
  • Business Core (51 hours)

Electives allow students the opportunity to explore areas of interest not covered within the requirements of their degree program and provide additional breadth to the curriculum. Students may opt to use their electives to pursue a minor or they can select individual courses to build a specific skill set or explore a particular interest.


  • Technical Accounting Knowledge: Students will use professional judgment to determine, find, and analyze data to provide appropriate information for stakeholder decision making.
  • General Business Knowledge: Students will be able to analyze domestic and global business issues.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Students will analyze innovation, new business development and high-growth-potential entities.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Students are able to devise solutions for structured and unstructured business problems and issues.
  • Awareness of Ethics: Students are able to apply a professional code of conduct to resolve ethical issues in Accounting.
  • Communication Skills: Students are able to communicate professionally both orally and in writing.
  • Technology Skills: Students are able to use technology in modern organizational operations.

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