Henry W. Bloch
School of Management

Entrepreneurship Minor

Take your major to the next level.

The Entrepreneurship Minor helps UMKC students acquire and refine their entrepreneurial skills. The minor is for all UMKC students who want to bring an entrepreneurial perspective to their major field of study. Entrepreneurship minors are required to complete a total of 18 credit hours, including four required entrepreneurship courses and two elective entrepreneurship courses. UMKC students from outside the Bloch School have the option of replacing up to two entrepreneurship electives with discipline-related electives that are consistent with their entrepreneurship focus.

The Entrepreneurship Minor at a glance: 18 credit hours of ranked and accredited entrepreneurial education courses.

Course (prerequisites)

Required courses (12 hours):

  • ENT 301, Entrepreneur Toolkit
  • ENT 215, Introduction to Entrepreneurship or ENT 315, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Opportunity Recognition
  • ENT 327, Developing the Business Model (ENT 215 or ENT 315)
  • ENT 412, Entrepreneurial Finance (ACCTNG 210 or ENT 301, and ENT 327)

Select any two from the following (6 hours):

  • CONSVTY 341, Principles of Arts Business
  • CONSVTY 341A, Arts Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 326, Creativity, Innovation, and Problem Solving
  • ENT 329, Entrepreneurship Scholars (admission to E-Scholars Program)
  • ENT 341, Technology Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 361, New Product Development
  • ENT 364, Entrepreneurial Management
  • ENT 461, Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 462, Entrepreneurial Experience

Course descriptions available here.

Next Steps

  1. Take ENT 301 and ENT 215 or ENT 315.
  2. Talk with an advisor to officially declare the minor.


  • Students should meet with a Business and Management MAP advisor before enrolling in courses.
  • This minor is open to Bloch School students in accounting and non-Bloch School students. BBA-degree seeking students are not eligible for this minor.
  • Non-Bloch students pursuing the minor in entrepreneurship are limited to 30 hours of Bloch School courses.
  • Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.25 in all entrepreneurship courses.
  • A minimum of 12 hours must be completed at UMKC. With approval, up to 6 hours of transfer course work may be applied to the minor.
  • Entrepreneurship Scholars is a special program for aspiring entrepreneurs which requires an application and acceptance. The program admits new participants in fall and spring semesters. Students accepted to this program will enroll in ENT 329 and can earn up to 6 hours for two semesters of participation

Minor Curriculum (PDF)

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