Henry W. Bloch
School of Management

Undergraduate Certificate in Technology Innovation and Management

Take your major to the next level.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Technology Innovation and Management at a glance: 12 credit hours of ranked and accredited education courses.

Course (prerequisites)

Required courses (9 hours):

  • ENT 215, Introduction to Entrepreneurship or ENT 315, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Opportunity Recognition
  • ENT 341, Technology Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 361, New Product Development

Select one of the following (3 hours):

  • ENT 301, Entrepreneurship Toolkit (non-Bloch students)
    ENT 326, Creativity, Innovation, and Problem Solving (Bloch students)

Course descriptions available here.

Next Steps


  • Students should meet with an advisor to officially declare the certificate.
  • This certificate is open to Bloch and non-Bloch students.
  • Non-Bloch students pursuing the certificate are limited to 30 hours of Bloch School courses.
  • Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.25 in all certificate courses.

Certificate Curriculum (PDF)

AACSB Accredited NASPAA Accredited - The commission on peer review and accredidatation