Henry W. Bloch
School of Management

We have a graduate program to fit your goals, whether you want to learn new skills, advance your career or turn a passion into a profession.

Ready to Make Your Next Big Move?

The Bloch School graduate degree and certificate programs combine interactive classroom learning and real-world experience from leading Kansas City businesses to give you the tools to change your career — and maybe even the world.

Which Degree Program Is Right for Me?

Degree Program Information

Degree program Program overview Typical time to complete program Work experience (mid-80% range) Age (mid-80% range)
Professional Master of Business Administration Flexible evening program for working professionals that can be completed in-person or online  2–3 years 2–10 years 25–40
Executive Master of Business Administration Team-based experience to refine management skills for experienced business leaders 21 months 8–20 years 30–55
Master of Public Administration A mix of in-person and online courses designed for aspiring public service leaders and executives 2–3 years 0–15 years 22–35
Master of Science in Accounting Flexible evening program to prepare full-time professionals with or without an accounting background to sit for the CPA exam 1 1/2–3 years 0–15 years 22–40
Master of Science in Entrepreneurial  Real Estate Advanced knowledge of commercial real estate, including brokerage, finance, property management and land development 2 years 0–15 years 22–35
Master of Science in Finance Specialized training in finance in preparation for financial certifications, such as the CFA and CFP 1 1/2–3 years 0–15 years 22–35


Building for the 21st Century

A world-class city needs a world-class business school. By establishing Bloch Heritage Hall in 1909, Kansas City community leaders created a heritage of investment in higher education and a dedication to innovation. The building's recent renovations follow in that tradition, preserving the history and charm of the building, while bringing it into the 21st century to create a better experience for students, faculty and staff.

Renovations include a vibrant student services hub that provides a space to for community-building and collaborative learning. The new configuration also makes available tools to empower students to launch successful careers and businesses after graduation.

A group of students sits at a long table in a study room working on models. One student has made a viewfinder and looks straight at the camera.

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Graduate Recruiter
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