Henry W. Bloch
School of Management

Graduate Student Ambassadors

Angelina Alpert

Program: Master of Public Administration
Current city: Kansas City, MO
Industry: Human Services

Favorite Bloch course: The Politics of Administration - PUB-ADM 5526. Dr. Opp Is a great professor with a lot of experience and passion for what she teaches. I specifically enjoyed the Policy Issue white paper we had to write as it allowed me to expand upon the connections between what I was learning in class and what I was doing at work.

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Robert Armstrong

Program: Professional Master of Business Administration
Current city: Nashville, TN / Lee’s Summit, MO
Industry: Architecture

Favorite Bloch course: Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation – ENT 5508 – “This course took 'entrepreneurship' from an abstract concept to a realistic set of tools we can use in our professional careers.”

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Marie Haney

Program: Accounting MS
Current city: Spring Hill, KS
Industry: Governmental Accounting

Favorite Bloch course: Financial Accounting for Decision Making – ACCT 5503 – Dr. Salzsieder is an exceptional instructor that explains the basics of financial accounting with impeccable detail and makes it relatable to his students. A course that provides the knowledge base necessary for a career in the many facets of business and finance.

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Julie Johnson

Program: Master of Science in Finance
Current city: Kansas City, MO
Industry: Telecommunications

Favorite Bloch course: This is a difficult question given I have absolutely enjoyed every class and professor.  One that I really enjoyed was Fixed Income Analysis - Fin 6652.  Professor Kuipers is very thorough, starts at the beginning and covers a great overview of the debt instruments and the pricing relationships.  As a result, I feel more prepared for when I take the CFA.

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Abby Peoples

Program: Professional Master of Business Administration
Current city: Kansas City, MO
Industry: Consumer Goods

Favorite Bloch course: Leading by Influence and Persuasion - MGT 5517 - This elective was recommended to me by fellow students in the program, and I now recommend it to others as well. We heard from various leaders and were encouraged to thoughtfully assess our tendencies, giftings, and strengths and how we could apply it to leadership in the present and future. Professor Burney led challenging yet respectful discussions where everyone felt comfortable to bring their own viewpoint to the group. We gained insights from one another and were able to put those learnings into action in our professional worlds throughout the semester. 

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Ryan Pirner

Program: Master of Science in Finance
Current city: Kansas City, MO
Industry: Custodial Banking

Favorite Bloch course: Financial Markets & Institutions -- FIN 5552 -- Doctor Keeton provided a comprehensive overview of the most influential actors in the financial world. Discussion revolved around the business interests of these entities and how they interacted with regulation to protect consumer interests. If you're going to learn about banking, financial markets, and regional economics, why not learn from a former Vice President of the KC Federal Reserve who chaired research groups on such topics?

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Janelle Sjue

Program: Master of Public Administration
Current city: Kansas City, MO
Industry: Non Profit

Favorite Bloch course: 5510 Research Methods - Dr. Garmon lays a foundation for the approach to research and comprehension of analysis. I am still able to reference my notes from class for workplace applications. As a "non-traditional" student, I see the path of my life and work experiences as enriched by this foundational class.

Best Advice: Connect with on campus groups, even as a non traditional student, some of the best experiences are performances, workshops and social events.

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AACSB Accredited NASPAA Accredited - The commission on peer review and accredidatation