Henry W. Bloch
School of Management

Graduate Assistantships

The Bloch School has Graduate Research/Teaching Assistantships (GRAs/GTAs) available each academic year.

A GRA works for a faculty or staff member for a certain number of hours each week. GRA/GTA positions are paid at a rate of $20.00 per hour for up to 20 hours per week.  These positions are highly competitive, and applications are reviewed year-round.

Note: Applying for a Bloch School scholarship is NOT the same as applying for a GRA/GTA position. You must apply separately for each using different forms.

How to Apply

Only completed application packets will be considered. The application packet consists of:

  1. A completed application (PDF)
  2. Three letters of recommendation (PDF)
  3. A current resume

Turn the completed packet in to the department in which you’re applying for the GRA (contact information in the application).

You will be required to reapply each semester (fall and spring semesters only). However, once you’ve submitted a complete application packet, you will only need to resubmit a completed application and an updated resume each semester you reapply.

Important Information about Assistantships

Note that full-time enrollment for students holding Graduate Teaching Assistant or Graduate Research Assistant appointments is six hours in a regular semester or three hours in a summer session. GTAs/GRAs are expected to make normal progress toward their degrees and should enroll in a minimum of six hours of credit per semester (three credits in the summer session). However, GTA/GRA appointees who have completed all required coursework for the degree and who are working full time on research need only enroll for the minimum of three credits. Note that this policy in no way alters the residency requirements and criteria for doctoral degrees. Further, international students holding GTA/GRA appointments also must abide by requirements of the U.S. Immigration Service and thus should consult the International Student Affairs Office before reducing their course loads.

GTA/GRA appointments are normally restricted to no more than 20 hours per week (.5 full-time employee [FTE]). Requests for GTA/GRA appointments greater than .5 FTE must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies prior to the beginning of the appointment and must be accompanied by a statement from the student’s major advisor that the additional work load will neither place the student at risk academically nor impede the student’s academic progress. Graduate Students holding GTA/GRA appointments are automatically exempt from Social Security Withholding Tax as long as they are enrolled in at least six credit hours. If the student’s enrollment falls below six credit hours, the student’s academic unit may certify his or her eligibility for continued exemption for one of the following two reasons:

  • The GRA is a doctoral student working in a research laboratory as a component of his or her educational requirement and is enrolled in the minimum number of research hours required for doctoral students who have passed comprehensive examinations, or
  • the GTA or GRA is a graduate student enrolled in fewer than six credit hours because it is the student’s exit semester.

Certification forms are available in the School of Graduate Studies office. The form requires signatures from the student’s major advisor and the principal graduate advisor of the student’s academic unit. After these individuals have signed the form, it must be sent to the School of Graduate Studies for recommendation. The School of Graduate Studies then forwards the completed request to the Payroll Office for final action of the request.

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