Henry W. Bloch
School of Management

Lewis White Real Estate Center

The Lewis White Real Estate Center and Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation have jointly developed a program designed to spotlight entrepreneurship and innovation in the real estate industry.

While the real estate industry is recognized as being filled with entrepreneurs, the role of innovation in the industry is not as well understood. Innovations in real estate finance, service delivery and development will be the focus of the program.

About The Lewis White Real Estate Center

The Lewis White Real Estate Center employs an interdisciplinary approach to teaching real estate through the application of cutting-edge techniques and innovative and academically-vetted entrepreneurial thinking processes that are essential for success in the context of today’s increasingly dynamic real estate world.

At the Lewis White Real Estate Center, we take pride in our focus on excellence in teaching, research, and service. Our mission is to develop, support and grow premier undergraduate and graduate-level real estate academic and non-academic programs. To best serve our students and the needs of the real estate industry, we collaborate with complementary academic units across campus as well as our Advisory Board, and key constituents in the real estate industry. The Lewis White Real Estate Center faculty also commits to the pursuit of high-level, academic research recognized by other renowned scholars in the Real Estate field.

The Lewis White Real Estate Center enables students across the University of Kansas City-Missouri and participants from the community to study all aspects of commercial real estate, including real estate finance, appraisal, development, and asset management. Programs include:

AACSB Accredited NASPAA Accredited - The commission on peer review and accredidatation