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Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics is designed for technical professionals looking to translate their quantitative skill set into business and analytics acumen to better solve business problems.

With courses offered in-person and online to fit into your schedule, you can quickly gain concrete skills to influence positive change in your organization and beyond. 

In our data-driven society, solving business problems involves more than simply doing what has been done before. It takes strong analytical skills and a deeper understanding of business concepts and language to make strong, strategic decisions.

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics provides students with hands-on experience in building a relevant and in-demand analytical skill set. Students will learn analytical skills using cutting-edge analytical software such as Tableau, R, RStudio and SAS. The entire analytical life will be explored; from cleaning and wrangling data, data management, and data visualization to building predictive models.

Analytics is used in many modern-day business applications. You can use analytical skills to determine product pricing, predict the amount of medicine a hospital needs, identify fraudulent transactions, forecast stock prices or determine if an employee incentive program is effective or not.

Our in-person and online course options ensure you can complete this certificate in one-year or shorter. And, GMAT waivers are available based on academic and professional experience. Admissions criteria to the certificate are the same as our PMBA Program admissions criteria.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Assess the ethical considerations of business analytics applications, models and processes.
  2. Design business analytics processes for reproducibility and replicability.
  3. Choose the best application and modeling approach to solve a given business analytics problem.
  4. Utilize common business analytics databases.
  5. Conduct data analyses for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive purposes using common business analytics models and algorithms.
  6. Construct data visualizations.
  7. Interpret the results of data analyses and communicate those results to stakeholders.

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