Henry W. Bloch
School of Management

Public Administration Student Association (PASA)

We are in the process of relaunching the Public Administration Student Association (PASA) after it went dormant during the pandemic. All officer positions (including president and vice president) are open.

PASA is a group of MPA students who are interested in networking and socializing with students, alumni and faculty outside the classroom to enrich their experience at UMKC. The purpose of PASA is to engage students academically, professionally, and socially in the study and practice of public administration.

As a secondary purpose, PASA will engage student participation in local public-sector organizations, including:

  1. Student outreach at the graduate and undergraduate level, across all disciplines.
  2. Developing relationships with other UMKC Student organizations in the planning and implementation of student outreach initiatives.
  3. Formal membership in local Kansas City organizations.
  4. Assisting with the development of on-campus events to be hosted in cooperation with local public-sector organizations.

Membership is free and open to any currently enrolled student or employee of the University.

For officer positions the requirements are:

  • Officers must meet minimum eligibility requirements, including a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and six credit hours of current enrollment.
  • Potential candidates must have accumulated 12 hours of credit at UMKC before filing for office.
  • The elected officers of PASA shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Coordinator and Student Coordinator, which shall serve as the Officer Board.

If you are interested in any leadership position in PASA, or are interested in joining PASA when it is restarted, please email Professor Garmon for more information.

AACSB Accredited NASPAA Accredited - The commission on peer review and accredidatation