You can think of accounting as the basis for your career. A degree in accounting provides a smart start for a number of career choices. In any and all organizations, individuals who understand how the numbers work are operating at an advantage. Financial information is a critical piece of an organization’s operating puzzle. Individuals with a solid understanding of the numbers can have a career without limits.

In addition to being a great foundation for any career, accounting also offers its own career paths. The professional certifications that are available add a mark of achievement, capability and credibility to the individuals that possess them.

Traditional Accounting Careers

Public accounting allows individuals to experience not only a variety of accounting and business consulting work, but also provides the opportunity to be involved in a variety of industries.

Private accounting allows individuals to work within one business. This provides opportunity for in-depth involvement and a proactive role in managing the organization.

Governmental accounting allows individuals to be involved in public service at all levels, from state, county and local government to the General Accounting Office (GAO) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Expanded Career Opportunities

Opportunities aren’t limited to the traditional career choices above. Accounting degrees also provide foundations for:

  • Management -- Understanding the numbers is a key to success
  • Careers in Law -- Corporate tax, estate tax
  • Law Enforcement -- Being able to detect “white collar crime”

Additional Information

For further information about accounting careers, as well as insights about the profession, we refer you to two student-oriented websites, one by the American Institute of CPAs and the other by the Missouri Society of CPAs.

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