Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Requirements

The Bloch School requires a minimum of 123 credit hours to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. This total includes course work in the following areas: General Education, Electives, Basic Skills, Business Core and Emphasis. All students pursuing the BBA degree must select an emphasis area. Options include: Enterprise Management; Entrepreneurship (two interest area options); Finance; Management; Marketing; Real Estate.

General Education (30 hours)

The UMKC General Education Core is the university-wide curriculum that all undergraduate students will complete. The 30-credit hour core curriculum includes three course types designated as Anchor, Discourse and Focus and is detailed in the General Education section of the catalog.

Recommended General Education Coursework for Bloch School Students

Students are encouraged to use the general education portion of the degree program to explore new areas and gain additional skills. Several courses in the Basic Skills section of the BBA program can also be used to satisfy requirements in the Focus section of the General Education curriculum.

Focus B: ECON 201, ECON 202, MATH 110, STAT 235

Focus D: a second Focus B class

Students may wish to select a Focus C course which can also satisfy the Constitution requirement: CJC 364, HIST 101, HIST 102, POL-SCI 210 or POL-SCI 409.

The selection of courses to satisfy General Education requirements will impact the number of electives required in the BBA degree program.

Basic Skills Requirements (24 hours)

Select basic skills courses can also be used to satisfy General Education Focus requirements. The approved Focus area is noted below. Courses are 3 hours.

Students completing a calculus-based math course as their first college credit math, will be waived from MATH 110, College Algebra, and will substitute an elective in place that class.

Emphasis Areas (15 hours)

Entrepreneurship (Two interest area options: Entrepreneurship or Innovation Management)


Five required courses. Courses are 3 hours.

*Students may take MGT 470 as part of the Management emphasis ONLY if they have taken MGT 370 for the core requirement in the BBA. Students may NOT take MGT 470 for the core and a different MGT 470 to count toward the Management emphasis.


Electives allow students the opportunity to explore areas of interest not covered within the requirements of their degree program and provide additional breadth to the curriculum. Students may opt to use their electives to pursue a minor or they can select individual courses to build a specific skill set or explore a particular interest. Students can have no more than 2 credit hours of physical education activity course work. Additionally, remedial courses, military science classes and vocational course work will not apply. The number of credits required is usually 18 hours, but will vary based on selections made to satisfy general education requirements. Students must complete 123 degree-applicable credits including their elective hours.

Students completing a calculus-based math course as their first college credit math, will be waived from MATH 110, College Algebra, and will substitute an elective in place that class.

Graduation Requirements

All students must satisfactorily complete the RooWriter before enrolling in MGT 301. Information regarding the RooWriter is available at

The BBA degree will be awarded on satisfaction of the following:

  • Completion of the degree requirements and a minimum of 123 credit hours.
  • Achievement of a 2.25 GPA; satisfactory academic standing is based on:
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.25 for all University of Missouri courses; and
    • GPA of 2.25 for all required junior-and senior-level in-major courses completed at UM schools.
  • Completion of 50% of junior/senior in-major courses at UMKC.
  • Completion of the RooWriter, the ETS Proficiency Profile and other assessment exercises assigned by the Bloch faculty.
  • Completion of the Constitution requirement.
  • Filing of a required application for graduation at the beginning of the senior year.

Students are responsible for ensuring their course of study falls within program guidelines.

School/Unit Requirements

See the Bloch School Undergraduate Policies and Procedures section for additional information.

Tools for Planning and Fulfilling Academic Requirements

UMKC's Major Maps are detailed, semester by semester plans that lead a student to complete all degree requirements within four years. Plans include benchmarks and critical courses by term that assist a student's evaluation of progress and major "fit." In order to ensure that the appropriate courses are taken, students are encouraged to consult with an advisor for this major.

UMKC's Degree Audit System provides an individual evaluation of all degree requirements (General Education Core, Degree-Specific, Major-Specific, etc.) for student's officially recorded (Office of Registration and Records) and "what if" plans of study. This evaluation is used to certify all graduation requirements.

Bloch School Program Evaluation.

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