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Please remember that UMKC students are responsible for information that relates to their degree programs. This includes not only such things as GPA requirements, but material contained in the graduate/undergraduate catalog from the year the student was admitted to UMKC.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment or simultaneous enrollment at multiple institutions is prohibited unless prior approval has been granted. Students seeking approval for concurrent enrollment should petition the Bloch School Student Services Office. The written petition should include the institution to be attended, course(s) to be completed and reason(s) why you need to take courses outside of UMKC. Without prior approval, the course may not be applied to your degree program.

More information
UMKC Undergraduate Catalog, Academic Regulations and Information

Grade Appeal Procedure

Students are responsible for meeting the standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled. The establishment of the criteria for grades and the evaluation of student academic performance are the responsibilities of the instructor. The grade appeal procedure is available only for the review of allegedly capricious grading and not for review of the instructor’s evaluation of the student’s academic performance.

More information
UMKC Catalog
Bloch School grade appeal procedure (PDF)

Graduate Course Repeat Policy

From the UMKC Graduate Catalog, Graduate Courses and Grading Policies section:

"Whenever students repeat a graduate-credit course, they must submit a course repeat form to the Registration and Records Office no later than the fourth week of the term. Students seeking graduate degrees are limited to repeating no more than 20 percent of the credits applicable toward a graduate degree. If approved by the school or department or Interdisciplinary Ph.D. supervisory committee, students may repeat a course once to improve the grade-point average or satisfy the program requirements. The second grade received will be used to calculate the grade-point average that will be used in satisfying degree requirements.”

Download the Course Repeat Form

Graduate Course Waiver Guidelines

Course waivers are determined by a review of the student’s undergraduate/graduate transcript after admission during the student’s initial advising session. Waivers for M.S.F. and M.S.E.R.E. program prerequisite courses and M.S. Accounting Stage I classes are granted if comparable course(s) has been completed with a grade of “C” or better.

In some cases, courses may need to be reviewed by the faculty member currently teaching the class. The student may be asked to provide a course description or syllabus to assist in this process.

Probation and Ineligibility

Students who fail to maintain the required University of Missouri* grade point average (GPA) for their degree program are placed on academic probation. The following table shows the minimum University of Missouri (UM) GPA required by the Bloch School:

Program GPA Requirement
Undergraduate Business & Accounting 2.25 UM GPA
Graduate student (any program) 3.0 UM GPA

Once placed on probation, the student has three semesters (including the semester in which they were placed on probation) to raise their GPA to the minimum requirement (see table above). During this time the student must earn the minimum required GPA to continue on to the next term. Summer enrollment is included. If after three terms the UM GPA does not meet the minimum requirement or if the student fails to meet the minimum term GPA, he/she becomes academically ineligible to continue in their program.

The Bloch School offers ineligible students the opportunity to petition for reinstatement. Students are notified of their status via email to their UMKC account and regular mail. Because this information comes out shortly before the start of the next term, there is a short turn-around time for student petitions. A faculty committee reviews the student’s request and renders a decision on the petition. Students are notified of the committee’s decision by UMKC email and by mail.

A junior business student is placed on probation as a result of grades earned in a fall term. Fall is counted as the first of the three terms. This student must earn a minimum 2.25 average in the spring term to be eligible to continue; this is the second semester. If the student enrolls in summer it would be considered the third and final semester. His/her GPA must be restored to the 2.25 level at the end of the summer term. If the student does not enroll in summer courses, the fall term would become the third semester and the UM GPA must be back to the 2.25 level by the end of that semester.

More information
UMKC undergraduate catalog (The GPA for the Bloch School is higher than that required to remain in good standing at UMKC.)

UMKC graduate catalog

* The University of Missouri GPA is calculated on all courses attempted at a University of Missouri school. This includes UMKC, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Missouri-St. Louis and Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla).

Missouri Residency

Information about whether or not you are considered a Missouri resident for tuition purposes, and other options to pay for college if you are not, can be found on the UMKC Admissions website.

Transfer Credit

Detailed transfer credit information is available on the transfer credit page.

Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy

When undergraduate students repeat courses, they can request to have only the grade for the final attempt used in calculating their GPA. After completing a retaken course, the student must submit a completed ‘Request for GPA Adjustment Form’ to the Bloch Student Services Office. The recalculation of a student’s GPA is reflected only in the calculation of that student’s current cumulative GPA and will not retroactively affect calculations for dean’s list, graduation and honors, eligibility for financial aid and veterans’ benefits and scholarships, athletic eligibility, discounts for insurance or any other area.

  • This policy is applicable only to undergraduates who repeat a course in which they earned a D+ or less and in which academic dishonesty was not involved.
  • Students can only replace grades if the original and repeated courses are both taken at UMKC.
  • Repeated courses must be taken fall 2007 or later.
  • Repeated courses cannot be taken on a CR/NC basis.
  • Original grades cannot be replaced with a ‘W,’ ‘WF,’ ‘I,’ or ‘T’.
  • No more than 15 semester hours can be dropped from the calculation of a student’s GPA by repeating course work.
  • Requests approved for GPA calculation will replace the original grade with an ‘R.’ Transcripts will note that such grades are excluded from GPA calculations.

Remember, this does not happen automatically; this form must be completed and submitted to the Bloch Student Services Office.

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