Graduation and the surrounding ceremonies are a wonderful way to finish your college career. Use this information to make sure you are able to walk across that stage.

Apply for graduation at least two semesters before you plan to graduate for early feedback from advisors on graduation requirements.

Check the academic calendar for application deadlines.

Undergraduate Students (B.B.A., B.S.A.)

Apply through Pathway

Once the completed application is received, the Bloch School Student Services Office will conduct a degree audit. If you submit your application two semesters in advance of the term you plan to graduate, you will receive a graduation audit and a follow up audit before the start of your final term. If you turn your application in by the Registrar’s published deadline, you may receive only a graduation audit. The audit will be sent through Connect to your UMKC student email.

Graduate Students (M.B.A., M.P.A., M.S.A., M.S.E.R.E., M.S.F.)

  1. Apply through Pathway
  2. Complete the Program of Study form (PDF). Be sure to hand-sign it.
  3. Submit completed forms to the Bloch School Graduate Programs Office, 418 Bloch Executive Hall. If you turn the application in to the UMKC Registrar’s Office it will not be processed.

You can access grades and course information in Pathway. This site gives instructions on where grade information can be found.

Once the completed application is received, the Bloch School Student Services Office will conduct a degree audit. If problems are discovered, you will be contacted via UMKC email, phone or mail with additional information. You will receive a copy of your completed degree audit via mail along with additional graduation information.

Contact the School of Graduate Studies.

Regalia (cap, gown, hood, etc.) is ordered through the UMKC Bookstore.

The May 2020 Graduation Fair will be held on Tuesday, March 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Wednesday, March 11 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the UMKC Bookstore.

…I am not finished with all of my classes?
Yes. You must be within six hours of having your degree requirements completed.

You will need to fill out your application for graduation form for the semester in which you will finish your degree (not participate in the ceremony).

Contact the Bloch Student Services Office if you are planning on participating in a ceremony even though you will not be finished with your program requirements until the following semester.

Questions? Contact the Bloch School Student Services Office.

…I missed the application deadline?
Maybe. It depends on how long ago the deadline was.

Contact our office at 816-235-2215 immediately for your options.

Latin honors are for undergraduate students only.

If you are receiving Latin honors you will be notified prior to graduation.

For information on the requirements for Latin honors eligibility, please click here.

The Bloch School participates in many honorary societies. If you qualify for membership you will be invited to join in writing.

Fall 2020 Commencement

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! The faculty and staff of the Bloch School are proud of you and your accomplishments.

As a candidate for graduation, you are receiving this email because you have submitted an application for graduation for either the summer or fall 2020 semesters, allowing you to participate in the December commencement ceremony.

Earlier this month you received an email from Chancellor Agarwal, announcing the Fall Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, December 19. Out of caution for the health and safety of the UMKC community, this commencement will be a virtual celebration of our students. The celebration will begin at 10 a.m. More information will be sent as details are finalized.


Regalia is not required for the virtual ceremony. If you would like graduation-related items including regalia, announcements, etc., please visit the UMKC Bookstore in the Student Union.

If purchasing regalia, you should look for the following colors of tassels and hoods by your degree program. The font color has been changed to help show the color of your tassel and hood (hood for graduate students only):

Degree Tassel Hood
BBA Drab (roughly this color) n/a
BSA Drab n/a
MBA Drab Drab
MSA Drab Drab
MSF Drab Drab
MPA Peacock (roughly this color) Peacock


A Zoom link for the ceremony will be sent in advance of the ceremony.

Undergraduates Only: You will be notified in late November if you qualify for preliminary Latin Honors. Notice will be sent via UMKC email. Keep in mind Latin Honors are determined by the GPA of the last 60 hours completed at UMKC, not your overall UM GPA. Here is a link to more information regarding how Latin Honors are calculated,

Your Latin Honor medal will be mailed in early February after final Honors have been determined.


Diplomas and official transcripts reflecting the conferral of your degree will be available from the Registration and Records Office, Room 115 of the Administrative Center, starting Monday, January 25, 2021.

***Following graduation, please continue to check your UMKC student email for any updates to Latin Honors or outstanding degree requirements after final grades have been posted.


Please take a moment to complete a survey for the Bloch School Career Center about your post-graduation plans. Go to

Again, on behalf of the Bloch School faculty and staff, we are proud of your accomplishments and it is a joy to celebrate this special milestone with you. Please keep this email as a reference. Please direct questions to Bloch Student Services, Bloch Heritage Hall, Room 115, or 816-235-2215.

My congratulations and best wishes to you!