Accepted Authors and Papers




Fredrik Andersson
Michael Ford

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Towards a better understanding of new social venture start-up success and failure: Exploring the population ecology of Milwaukee voucher-schools 1990-2013

Yuliya Aray

St. Petersburg University, Russia

Exploring Social Entrepreneurial Business Models: Lessons from Russian Experience

Wolfgang Bielefeld

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Social Entrepreneurship in Collective and Multi-Sector Settings

Curtis Child

Brigham Young University

Doing well by doing good and the rhetorical accomplishment of corporate responsibility

Erwin de Leon

Urban Institute

Mapping the fourth sector

Heather Douglas

RMIT University, Australia

When social entrepreneurship stops: Collapse or change of direction?

Peter Frank
Gordon Shockley

Wingate University
Arizona State University

Social entrepreneurship as co-produced social policy And
The Microfoundations of Social Entrepreneurship: Ostromian Polycentricity and Hayekian Dispersed Knowledge

Charles M. Gray

University of St. Thomas

Social entrepreneurship and hybrid organizations: Reconciling the economic and "Competing Logics" perspectives

Chao Guo
Charlotte Ren

University of Pennsylvania

The social entrepreneur's dilemma: Entrepreneurial strategy-making and charter school performance

Scott Helm
Brent Never

University of Missouri-Kansas City

An experimental study of the institutional influence on decision making of entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial nonprofit managers

Richard Hoefer
Shannon Graves

University of Texas-Arlington

Understanding the impact of institutions on social entrepreneurship: The case of university centers in schools of social work

Quintus Jett
Arturo Osorio

Rutgers University-Newark

Business legal transition to social purpose: The role of local embeddedness

Jesse Lecy
Eric Van Holm

Georgia State University

Managing innovation: Getting incentives, policies and ecosystems Right

Anthony Luppino
Evan Absher
Kathleen Garman

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Producing better mileage: Improving the design, treatment and use of hybrid vehicles for social ventures

Tamaki Onishi

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Toward a model of resource mobilization process in social and institutional entrepreneurship

John. Ronquillo

DePaul University

Repurposing Profit: Assessing the Social Enterprise of Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3Cs) in the United States

Elizabeth Searing

Georgia State University

Beyond Corporate Form: Surviving Enterprise Infancy as a Social Entrepreneur

Robert Spencer
Curtis Child
Eva Witesman

Brigham Young University

Speaking from experience: In which sector do entrepreneurs in the fair trade industry prefer to operate and why?

Aleksandra Szymańska
Marc Jegers

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Modelling social enterprises

Jeremy Thorton
John Gonas
Franz T. Lohrke

Samford University

The social entrepreneur as trailblazer: A non-normative role for social enterprise in a market economy

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