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The Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Missouri-Kansas City has formed a collaborative partnership with Support Kansas City, Nonprofit Connect, the Mid-America Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the Kansas City Society of Association Executives to conduct this important research report. This year we are focusing on salary compensation and will focus on benefits next year, so you may notice the survey is shorter.

To gather the most comprehensive information and provide the greatest community value, we need full participation by all nonprofits in the Kansas City region. We cannot provide this essential resource to you and the nonprofit community without this valuable information from your nonprofit. Whether you have only a couple employees or many, we need your information to provide an accurate picture of how nonprofits in our region are compensating their employees. Even if you are an all-volunteer organization without paid staff, you can still contribute.

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To prepare a timely report before next year's salary planning, we need your salary information by July 31, 2018.


Legally, politically, and ethically, it is more important than ever for nonprofit agencies to use research-based information to establish, benchmark, and defend their salaries and benefits. Using salary survey results to evaluate and revise compensation is important for three reasons:

  • Matching salaries to the local nonprofit employment market ensures your compensation practices are competitive for hiring and retaining the best people while still being responsible with your agency's limited resources;
  • Benchmarking salary levels ensures fair compensation across your staff;
  • Basing key executive salaries, benefits, and perquisites on the results of a research-based salary survey provides agencies with strong legal and political protection for decisions. Nonprofit regulatory authorities (the IRS, state attorneys general) and many funders are paying more attention to the legitimacy of salaries and benefits that nonprofits are providing (especially for agency top executives). For the IRS, in particular, the best defense for salary decisions is the use of a legitimate, well-researched salary survey that is representative of your hiring market.

This Salary Survey is the tool that provides your nonprofit and all nonprofits in the region with these benefits.


Check to see if your nonprofit is included in the Kansas City region.

Counties in the Kansas City Region


  • Atchison County
  • Douglas County
  • Franklin County
  • Johnson County
  • Leavenworth County
  • Linn County
  • Miami County
  • Wyandotte County


  • Bates County
  • Caldwell County
  • Cass County
  • Clay County
  • Clinton County
  • Jackson County
  • Johnson County
  • LaFayette County
  • Platte County
  • Ray County

Note: If your organization is not listed above we are also conducting a Missouri Statewide Survey with Nonprofit Missouri. This survey will start soon.

You may rest assured your salary information will be held in the strictest of confidence. Only the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership research group will have access to your individual agency information. You have our guarantee that the information you provide will never be disclosed to any other party.

If you have any questions please contact Andrea Clark at (816) 235-2305 or

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