Critical Conversations on the Future of Nonprofit Governance

Conference Keynote Speaker

"Governing Cross-Sector Collaborations: Lessons from Research and Practice."
Melissa Stone, Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota

Conference Presenters

Yvonne Harrison & Vic Murray "The Efficacy of Board Performance Self-Assessment Using the Board Effectiveness Survey Application (BESA)"

Kelly Krawczyk & Michelle Wooddell "Community Ties in Perspective: The Link Between Granters and Grantees"

Fredrik O. Andersson & Jurgen Willems "Autonomy and entrepreneurship in nonprofit organizations: Research propositions and governance implications"

Beth Gazley "Governance and board performance in membership associations"

Judy Freiwirth "Community Engagement Governance - A New System-Wide Governance Model for Community Impact. A Participatory Action Research Study"

Christine Cugliari & Terrell Hayes "Board Member Retention: An Examination of Premature Exits in a Constituency Organized Nonprofit Board"

Douglas Ihrke, Grant MacDonald, Barb Duffy & Nathan Grasse "Examining Nonprofit Executive Director - Board Relations in Two Countries as they Relate to Perceptions of Board Effectiveness: Executive Director Perspectives"

Angela Eikenberry "Governing Nonprofits in Network Governance: The Case of Transportation Policy in Omaha, Nebraska"

Ola Segnestam Larsson & Johan Hvenmark "The Board Development Conundrum in Local, Democratically Governed, and Membership-based Nonprofit Organizations"

Carrie Duncan & Megan Schoor "Talking Across Boundaries: Implications for Governance in Distributed Organizations"

Hana Bor & Sharon Jones-Eversley "Strengthening Faith-Based Nonprofit-Business Management Skills without Sacrificing Spiritual and Ethical Integrity"

Mike Burns "Nonprofit Social Enterprise and/or Revenue Generating Ventures: Does Governance Matter?"

Carrie Duncan "Painting the Governance Landscape: Culture and Power at the Public-Nonprofit Intersection"

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