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The Lewis White Real Estate Center and Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation have jointly developed a program designed to spotlight entrepreneurship and innovation in the real estate industry. While the real estate industry is recognized as being filled with entrepreneurs, the role of innovation in the industry is not as well understood. Innovations in real estate finance, service delivery and development will be the focus of the program.

Continuing Education offers a variety of informative and timely continuing education courses and seminars to both students and professionals. These courses are approved and quality for licensure renewal for numerous organizations.

2021 UMKC Real Estate Symposium

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2020 UMKC Real Estate Symposium

The Lewis White Real Estate Center’s curriculum is structured to insure students have practical knowledge and skills appropriate for providing management and policy leadership in the realm of real estate and its related industries. Students will receive instruction, undertake research project assignments (individual and team) and be introduced to the standards of professional research through course work and assignments. Students will complete 9 credit hours of real estate course work.

Learn more about the The Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A.).

The traditional format is designed for currently practicing real estate professionals or those in a related field who are ready to advance their career to the management level. Classes are offered in the evening to accommodate the working professional.

Learn more about the Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Real Estate (M.S.E.R.E.).


Master of Science Entrepreneurial Real Estate Program Outline (PDF)

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Scholarship Application (PDF)