Student Learning Outcomes

The Master of Business Administration degree program supports the mission of the Henry W. Bloch School of Management and is dedicated to providing high quality professional education, responsive to business and community needs, for future and current managers, business professionals and innovative leaders in a changing world. This education is delivered through a curriculum combining a solid preparation in business acumen and skills, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills.

Program Goals and Assessment

We expect our graduates to display the following:

Strategic Analysis/Business Acumen

Students will define, analyze and evaluate business decisions in a global setting through an integrated analysis using tools found in the major business disciplines.

Our students will demonstrate their understanding of strategic issues facing businesses by successfully completing an integrative case project requiring the use of skills learned in the MBA program. 

Evaluation: strategic analysis/business acumen rubric in Management 5509

Critical Thinking

Students will effectively demonstrate critical thinking skills in inference, analysis and evaluation through working on a project.

Our students will successfully complete an exam in which they identify, interpret, evaluate and synthesize available information to arrive at a business decision and justify that decision.

Evaluation: critical thinking rubric in MIS 5503


Students will demonstrate the ability to work in teams by working on a group project.

Our students will work in project teams to jointly solve a business problem.

Evaluation: teamwork rubric in Management 5507. We will test the Comprehensive Assessment for Team-Member Effectiveness as a possible replacement for the teamwork rubric.

Communication Skills

Students are able to conceptualize a complex issue into a coherent written statement and/or oral presentation.

Using appropriate technology, our students will successfully complete business-related written communications that require the presentation of facts and/or data.

Using appropriate technology, our students will successfully prepare and deliver business-related oral communications.

Evaluation: written and/or oral communication rubrics, written communication rubric in Management 5504, oral communication rubric in capstone courses

Quantitative Tools and Skills

Our students will demonstrate their mastery of fundamental quantitative tools by successfully using those tools to interpret and evaluate quantitative information and synthesize that information with relevant non-quantitative information in order to arrive at a business decision.

Our students will apply quantitative tools in appropriate courses.

Evaluation: accounting-specific rubric in Acctg 5501, finance-specific rubric in Finance 5507, decision science-specific rubric in DSOM 5507

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