Ph.D Frequently Asked Questions

We accept applications between November 15th and February 15th. We use a rolling admissions process, which means that the faculty will review and likely make an admissions decision as soon the packet is completed.

Successfully completing the program requires your full energy and attention, which is why we only offer the degree as a full-time, in-residence program.

No. This includes the GMAT/GRE, and the TOEFL/IELTS score for international applicants.

We designed our program to best prepare you for a career as a professional researcher and scholar. As such, our program is best suited for students explicitly desiring a career as a tenure-track faculty member at a research-oriented university.

We admit between 3-4 students each year.

While not required, it is highly recommended that you already have demonstrable success in prior graduate studies. An MBA is also not required, but highly desired.

While each faculty member has a different approach, giving you the opportunity to find the professor-mentor that you work with best. Generally though, we prefer a mentorship model versus an apprenticeship model. In an apprenticeship approach, you are assigned to faculty and generally work on his or her research projects. In a mentorship approach, you start early on in the program developing your own research stream with guidance and coaching from faculty.

It does not have to be, but a field with a strong quantitative and critical thinking background is recommended. If you do not have a business undergraduate or an MBA, it will be important for you to address in your Statement of Purpose why you are motivated to pursue a PhD in entrepreneurship and how your prior coursework has prepared you for a doctoral program in a business school.

While not required, we certainly encourage submitting research papers to high quality academic conferences. PhD students most often submit papers to the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Strategic Management Society Annual Meeting, and the Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference. We provide an annual travel grant of $2,000 for conference travel.

We’ve designed the program to be completed in four years–two as a doctoral student taking classes, and two as a doctoral candidate working on your dissertation. We have a full-time, in-residence program only.

During the course of the program, you can expect to teach between 12-18 credit hours of instruction as a condition of your graduate assistantship. With rare exception, all classes taught by doctoral students will be at the undergraduate level. When possible, you will teach only two new courses, covering different aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation education. Please note that the number of new classes taught and the total number of hours taught is subject to the workload needs of the Institute and the Department.

We are strong believers in assess early, assess often, and assess using different mechanisms. Along with deliverables in your coursework, we have an annual development meeting with the Director of the PhD Program and the Department Chair to discuss your research progress and professional development. We also hold regular and informal how goes it’ meetings to encourage open discussion about professional and scholarly development. Our job is to put you in a position to be successful as a social scientist and professor.

Recent Bloch School graduates took tenure-track appointments at Butler University, University of Manitoba, University of Nebraska, Omaha, and Corker College.

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