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Vishruth Raja Born and brought up in Madras, India, Vishruth Raja is an inquisitive soul. Through his schooling at PSBB, and even after gaining his degree in engineering from Anna University, he is always interested in things that will shape the future. He loves to spend time listening to Frank Sinatra and Elvis among others while rowing by the lake and taking his motorcycle out on Sunday mornings satisfy his call to nature.

He worked at Cognizant for a couple of years and a little while at an analytics firm, and loved to figure out how the cogs of the industries moved, and while he did gain knowledge, he knew it wasn't going to be enough.

Armed with creativity and intuition, he looks forward to meeting other intellectuals over at Bloch and share exciting ideas. Entrepreneurship does strike a chord with him and he is eagerly looking forward to the global immersion program to see more of how the world outside his walls works. He believes strongly that an MBA is the means through which he can align his future oriented thought process with how the world works and that it will help him change the world one day.

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