Alumni Perspectives

Juneane Cooper

Juneane Cooper, '07
Director of BlockWorks
H&R Block

"Choosing the Bloch School was a game changer for my career! Understanding the type of leader I am has been critical to my professional growth. Truly the Bloch school has helped pave the way to a challenging yet rewarding career!"

Ryan Kennedy

Ryan Kennedy, '14
Business Development Manager
Kiewit Engineering & Design Co.

"The program provided me with the skills needed to elevate my thinking from a tactical practitioner to a strategic partner. Now I can speak to executives about business decisions with confidence, something I could not do before entering the program."

Esther George

Esther George, '00
President & CEO
Federal Reserve Bank - Kansas City

"The Executive MBA program at UMKC focuses extensively on the important threads between a local community, the nation and the world, and I see this play out every day in my work."

John Palacios

John Palacios, '14
National Sales Director
Eli Lilly Malaysia

"I am a more confident and successful leader as a result of all these experiences the program provided. Upon graduating from the program, I was given the opportunity to head our national sales operation for three countries: Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei."

Mark Prenni

Mark Prenni, '10
Managing Director & Vice President
Overland Contracting Inc.

"My Bloch Executive MBA paid off much quicker than I expected. It got me to the table for a position I really wanted within my company, and I got the job! I feel proud that my Bloch EMBA got me here, and I appreciate all that the program has done for me."

Dave Ebbrecht

Dave Ebbrecht, '08
Senior Vice President of the Northern Region
Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.

"The Bloch Executive MBA profoundly confronts the challenges leaders face in today's corporate environment and provides a range of tools to apply to specific problems. The course schedule also allowed me to continue my career while learning invaluable skills."

Jan Kauk

Jan Kauk, '06
Senior Director of Development
Saint Luke's Foundation

"The network of people you are connected with through this program is outstanding. It was a Bloch EMBA alum who encouraged me to look into the program, and I in turn introduced a colleague of mine to the program."

Dick Gibson

Dick Gibson, '02
Executive Director
The 27 Committee, Inc.

"The EMBA program gave me a fresh look at business practices and my approach to decision-making and solving business problems at the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. While it is extremely challenging, it is worth the effort."

Whit Holcomb

Whit Holcomb, '02
Surgeon in Chief
Children's Mercy Hospital

"The Bloch EMBA program taught me to think like a CEO through-out the program, we were put in the position of top leadership and learned how to make decisions using a global point of view."

Michael Campo

Michael Campo, '01
Senior Vice President - Team Leader
Lockton Companies

"The most impressive thing to me was that the program delivered as advertised. The way UMKC EMBA married the concepts into the module format enhanced my understanding of how to maximize the value of any organization and departments within organizations."

Dave Maddox

Dave Maddox, '00
Associate Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer
Saint Louis University

"The EMBA did two things to enhance my career: It provided me with a solid base of management skills that have allowed me to be a more effective manager & it opened the door to career opportuni-ties that would not have been accessible to me without the EMBA."


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