All Bloch Executive MBA students participate in four immersion residencies. They are a hallmark of the Bloch Executive MBA - and a competitive advantage for our graduates.

Each academic year begins with a five day, live-in residency at a local hotel on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. In addition, students participate in a five-day Washington, D.C. residency in the spring of their first year, and an eleven-day international residency during their final semester.

Year One


The Leadership Residency launches the Bloch Executive MBA experience. It immerses students in the study of leadership, teamwork, and complex decision-making.

Public Policy

The five-day Washington, D.C. residency provides intensive, first hand exposure to the forces that shape America’s business policy. In off-the-record sessions with top policy makers, students learn to anticipate the impact of public policy on their industries and organizations and to be more effective participants in the national decision-making process. This residency expands students’ local, state and national political networks and focuses on the role of social leadership in the development of business policy. 

Year Two


The Innovation Residency kicks off year two - and demonstrates how much students have learned in year one. In a five-day simulation, students assume the role of CEO, work in teams to develop and execute business plans, grow their businesses, execute new venture creation decisions, and compete with others in a virtual business world.


In a final residency, students visit one or more international cities to meet with business and government leaders. They expand their global networks and gain "an insider’s view" of international business practices. Success in a global world requires an appreciation of the power of cultural differences and of the ways that history, policy, economics, legal systems, and government relations impact business success. Not everyone will be a key player in a multi-national; but all are global citizens in an increasingly flat world who need to appreciate that all decisions and choices may be local in operation, but are always global in impact. Past residencies have taken students to China, Malaysia, and Germany.

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