The Bloch Executive MBA develops well-rounded leaders who are confident and prepared to drive success in today's complex environments. Our model is based on four executive platforms:

  1. Develop key leadership competencies critical to success, including vision, strategic mindset, influence, and executive presence
  2. Learn to nurture a climate of innovation by exploring new business opportunities and how to think like and entrepreneur
  3. Gain global perspective by embedding culture cues within business practices and developing disciplines for a global economy
  4. Become more effective in local - and national-level decision making through understanding of public policy and civic engagement roles

These four platforms are reflected in the four corresponding immersion residencies and integrated throughout the program.

Student Learning Outcomes

We expect our graduates to display the following:

1. Strategic Perspective and Business Acumen

Students will apply strategic frameworks to complex business issues and identify viable options and forward-looking strategies, through the integrated analysis of multiple functional perspectives - e.g. marketing, product development/service delivery, finance, operations, and human capital.

2. Public Policy Awareness

Students will demonstrate enhanced understanding of complex public sector systems, processes and leaders, and identify and define the various forces that shape and impact business policy.

3. Innovative Mindset

Students will demonstrate the skills needed to generate creative solutions that address unmet needs and wants, evaluate the relative attractiveness of competing solutions, and exploit opportunities in the marketplace.

4. Global Perspective

Students will utilize a knowledge framework to 1) think critically about and assess the impact and linkage of global influences, issues, trends, and decisions in business models; and 2) demonstrate insight and agility in operating within a global business environment.

5. Teamwork

Students will demonstrate the communication and interpersonal skills needed for effective collaboration and creative problem-solving, as well as the versatility to add value in a variety of team roles such as leader, expert, or facilitator.

6. Strategic Leadership

Students will demonstrate the ability to 1) diagnose complex business situations, recognizing key issues, tensions and dilemmas; and 2) articulate decisions and action plans that reflect comprehensive understanding of the human, political, and cultural context as well as nuanced ways of building influence and support.

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