In our data-driven society, solving business problems involves more than simply doing what has been done before. It takes strong analytical skills and a deeper understanding of business concepts and language to make strong, strategic decisions.

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics provides students with hands-on experience in building a relevant and in-demand analytical skill set. Students will learn analytical skills using cutting-edge analytical software such as Tableau, R, RStudio, and SAS. The entire analytical life will be explored; from cleaning and wrangling data, data management, data visualization to building predictive models.

Analytics is used in many modern-day business applications. You can use analytical skills to determine product pricing, predict the amount of medicine a hospital needs, identify fraudulent transactions, forecast stock prices, or determine if an employee incentive program is effective or not.

Our in-person and online course options ensure you can complete this certificate in one-year or shorter. And, GMAT waivers are available based on academic and professional experience.

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