Pamela Roffol Dobies

Pamela Roffol Dobies, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor

215 Bloch Heritage Hall



Pam Dobies is an assistant teaching professor in organizational behavior, leadership and human resources within the Henry W. Bloch School of Management’s Department of Organizational Leadership and Marketing. Pam obtained a B.S. in secondary education-foreign languages from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She received both of her advanced degrees from the Bloch School – an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in public affairs and administration and sociology and a masters in public administration.

Dobies brings to the classroom more than 25 years of experience in service industries – and lots of good stories to tell. As an accomplished speaker and trainer, Dobies has presented more than 75 management seminars and workshops to large audiences in business, government and nonprofit organizations. Her talent as a creative problem solver and innovator brought her success as a manager and consultant in the fields of insurance, criminal justice and information systems. Dobies was also a top-performing marketing representative for an international training organization that supported human resource and information technology functions. More recently, Dobies owned and operated a management consulting business with more than 30 client organizations; she guided senior managers and executive boards in service organizations through successful changes in the design and culture of their organizations. Dobies has also spent a few hours in classrooms over the last 15 years as an adjunct instructor or guest lecturer at several local colleges and universities.

Dobies is pursuing applied research in the healthcare arena. She enjoys collaborating with medical practitioners to explore systems issues that facilitate or impede health care delivery through hospitals. At present, Dobies is examining the organizational design, effectiveness and change processes employed in the delivery of palliative care; this is a relatively new medical specialty that is influencing the concept and practice of care in hospitals. Dobies has a passion for these issues since they have very closely touched her personal life.

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