Bryan Hong

Assistant Professor
210 Bloch Heritage Hall

Bryan Hong is an assistant professor in the Entrepreneurship and Management Department.  Prior to joining the Bloch School, he was a visiting assistant professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and an assistant professor at Ivey Business School in Canada.  He completed his PhD in Business Administration at the University of California-Berkeley.

Professor Hong’s current research examines the implications of robots and artificial intelligence as the next engine of innovation and productivity growth for firms.  As these technologies continue to proliferate across the global economy, their effects on employment, organizations, and firm strategy has become a subject of growing importance.

In his teaching, Professor Hong covers a wide range of topics central to firm strategy, with particular emphasis on how firms can adopt strategies to deal with an uncertain future.  He has published a number of cases to address this issue, including examples from the film, e-commerce, and Korean pop music industries.

Prior to beginning his academic career, Professor Hong previously worked in investment banking (Citigroup), corporate strategic planning (Burger King), and strategy consulting (Bain and Company).