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Foreign National Internship Program at Bloch School

Globalize your workplace by welcoming a KC Foreign international intern into your organization! J-1 Visa participants are highly motivated individuals who bring fresh energy, are enthusiastic about gaining career experience, and are eager to collaborate and share with your U.S. employees.

The primary objectives of the J-1 Internship programs are to enhance the skills and knowledge of the participant through structured and guided work-based training and to improve participants' knowledge of American work culture and methodologies. The J-1 programs offered by FNIP give organizations the opportunity to hire talent from around the world as part of the U.S. government's Exchange Visitor Program.

Student Overview

Participating students are from outside the United States. Candidates are enthusiastic, educated, committed, hard-working, and English-speaking. The UMKC Bloch Executive Education and the School of Computing and Engineering will conduct preliminary interviews with candidates via video conference. Companies will be provided with candidate resumes and reports from the preliminary interview to select which interns they would like to interview for their specific internship opportunities.


  • Are majoring in software, computer science, big data, electrical engineering and management
  • Have at least two years of full-time education in their field.
  • Have J Visa's and can work legally in the U.S. as an interns that do not displace American workers.

What Is Expected From Partner Companies?

Partner companies are expected to:

  • Identify positions to integrate the program
  • Commit to interview sessions
  • Ensure the Intern receives mentoring
  • Ensure that the Intern does not displace full or part time American workers

During the program, sponsors should:

  • Provide on-site training
  • Encourage intern to share their thoughts
  • Encourage time off for training and learning at UMKC
  • Attend the FNIP opening ceremony

After graduation, sponsors should:

  • Complete an evaluation with the student intern
    Acceptable evaluation methods include: one-on-one reviews, quizzes, graded essays, or assignments.

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