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  • From accruals to write-offs, receivables and payables, learn the concepts, tools, and techniques that can help make decisions pay off both on the job and on the bottom line. Gain a greater confidence and a [...]

  • The best negotiation results come from understanding that every negotiation is a tool to solve a problem. Skilled negotiators work to understand exactly what problem they’re solving, how to approach it as efficiently as possible, [...]

  • Ideas that require firm resources also require evidence that benefits outweigh the costs. Learn and apply best practices for making a business case for projects and strategies. Are you an UMKC Alumni or KCRAR member?  [...]

  • Influence, Persuasion, & Impact

    Thursday, September 19

    As leaders who collaborate with others across a variety of venues, your survival is contingent upon your ability to form trusting relationships with senior leaders, stakeholders, clients, peers, and direct reports. Without trust, you cannot [...]

  • Design Thinking

    Wednesday, September 25

    Organizational decision makers frequently confront incongruences between existing goods and services and the needs of their consumers. Overcoming this challenge can be daunting. Leading organizations and problem solvers are turning to design thinking as a [...]

  • Firm Valuation

    Tuesday, October 08

    Managers often reference “creating value” for their firms, owners, or shareholders. But how do we really create and measure value? Are you an UMKC Alumni or KCRAR member?  You qualify for a discount!

  • Does your business sometimes feel stuck in a quagmire of business cases and/or corporate red tape? Do you have great ideas, but aren’t getting them to market fast enough? In today’s business world, business agility [...]

  • We can all think of times when we have been part of great learning events, and times that we have been on the receiving end of, well…not-so-great training. What was the difference between those good [...]

  • Now more than ever, personal branding is shaping how people are perceived in the marketplace. From Obama to Trump to LeBron to Joanna and Chip, people are brands and they can use those brands for [...]

  • How do you feel about networking? Are you energized by the prospect of meeting new people? Or, does the very notion send you into fits of panic? Would you characterize yourself as an active networker? [...]

  • Managing Diverse Teams

    Thursday, December 12

    In today’s dynamic and diverse workplace, managing can be an increasingly difficult task. Supervisors and leaders must achieve results while balancing the needs and talents of teams with varying levels of experience and skill. Just [...]

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People are Not Problems to be Solved

Many leaders are promoted to leadership because they are amazing problem solvers as individual contributors. In fact, when asked, no fewer than half of all leaders say that they are ... Read more

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