Snapshot of 2017 Placement Stats

Top Employers

Infographic with bubbles showing where students were hired in 2017. Largest bubble says 124 different organizations hired our graduates, including. Second biggest circle says State Street. Next biggest circle says Cerner. Next biggest says RTS Financial. Next is H&R Block. Two smallest circles say Freightquote and PwC.

Geographic Area

Infographic showing a map of the US and icon reminiscent of Kansas City's Nelson Atkins "Shuttlecock" sculpture pinned to Kansas City. Accompanying text says 95 percent of graduates accepted positions in the Greater Kansas City Area (of the 88 percent who were employed).

Hiring Timeline

Infographic with a circle border. Circle is primarily navy blue, with small portion in yellow. Accompanying text reads 88 percent graduates were employed within 90 days of graduation. Handshake icon also appears.

Salary Outcomes

Infographic showing stacks of blue dollar bills with accompanying text that reads $100,000 highest reported salary upon graduation.

Employment Report

For detailed information, broken out by program, view the Bloch Employment Report for 16-17 undergraduates.

View Report (PDF)