“The person who succeeds is the one who does his or her own job, and then some; who is thoughtful to others, and then some; who meets obligations and responsibilities, and then some. That’s the person who steps ahead of the crowd and goes on to great heights.”

These words have never been truer than today.
This year demonstrated that difficult and unusual times require everything of an entrepreneur. Traits mentioned in mission statements and strategic plans now take on new meaning: transparency, fearlessness, community and hope.

Those who run toward problems, make hard decisions and carve their own path are the ones who create a legacy. We seek to learn from those who built large corporations and small businesses, who roll up their sleeves and outwork adversity.

The 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards honor those who have succeeded in both robust and fraught economic times. They gave of themselves and then gave back exponentially. For them, the world is their business, worth giving heart and soul…and then some.

2020 Honorees:

Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia
Henry W. Bloch International Entrepreneur of the Year

Nathaniel Hagedorn, Founder/CEO of NorthPoint Development
Kansas City Entrepreneur of the Year

Robert W. Hatch, Chairman and CEO of Cereal Ingredients, Inc. and Great Plains Analytical Lab
Marion and John Kreamer Award for Social Entrepreneurship

Jonaie Johnson, CEO and Founder, Interplay
Student Entrepreneur of the Year

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Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020 | Time: 4:30 Student Venture Showcase, 5:30 Program Start | Location: Virtual

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