Ph.D. Program Overview

We have designed the PhD program with the ‘Complete Scholar’ as our objective. A complete scholar is one who possess teaching skills and pedagogical knowledge to be successful in an undergraduate and MBA classroom. A complete scholar is also one who has a research stream focused on, and with demonstrated success in, publishing in top management and entrepreneurship scholarly journals. To these core skills sets we add professional bearing. Professional bearing is the ability to conduct yourself as a faculty member.

You must complete a total of forty-five (45) credit hours of coursework and dissertation credits to graduate. This is in addition to passing two comprehensive exams: one for research design and applied statistics and one for theoretical knowledge of the field. You must then successfully defend a dissertation proposal and then successfully defend your completed dissertation.

Doctoral candidates graduate with a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation. They are knowledgeable about the philosophies and practices used in different areas of business.Ph.D students are experienced in conducting top-quality academic research. They produce works suitable for publication at conferences and in academic journals.

We have structured the program to be completed in four years, split into two phases below.

During Phase I, which encompasses the first two years of your time at UMKC, you will be completing a series of doctoral seminars covering theoretical content, research design, and applied statistics. You will also be writing and submitting research papers to journals and conferences. One comprehensive exam is given for research design and quantitative analysis at the end of your first year. The other exam is given for conceptual knowledge of the entrepreneurship and innovation domain at the end of your second year.

After successfully completing Phase I, you will be admitted to doctoral candidacy. This is a transition point in your PhD studies. You will no longer be a student, nor will you be taking classes. Your time will be spent preparing and completing your dissertation research, teaching, and working on other research projects. This period should last two years.

During the course of the program, you can expect to teach between 12-18 credit hours of instruction as a condition of your graduate assistantship. With rare exception, all classes taught by doctoral students will be at the undergraduate level. When possible, you will teach only two new courses, covering different aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation education. Please note that the number of new classes taught and the total number of hours taught is subject to the workload needs of the Institute and the Department.

To be certified as a teaching assistant, you need to fulfill the following School of Graduate Studies requirements: UMKC School of Graduate Studies/. International students have additional requirements:

With rare exception, all doctoral students receive tuition remuneration for up to nine (9) credit hours per academic term in the fall and spring, and three (3) hours in the summer. We also provide an annual stipend as part of your graduate assistantship. For academic year 2017-2018, the assistantship stipend is $24,000, payable over twelve (12) months.

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