Degree Requirements

*The M.P.A. degree will be awarded on successful completion of 42 semester hours, consisting of 24 hours of required core courses, 9 to 12 hours in a selected emphasis area, a 3 hour internship, and up to 6 hours of electives. An internship is required for any M.P.A. student who does not have prior work experience in public, nonprofit or health administration. Individual courses may be waived if a student presents evidence of significant relevant undergraduate study, but other graduate courses must be substituted to meet the minimum of 36 credit hours. Note: Students who repeat courses may not count the repeated course toward their degree.

*Starting fall of 2016

Core Curriculum (24 hours)

The following courses are required for each student:

Students selecting the health services administration emphasis have the following core requirements:

Note: Students should ensure that prerequisites are taken in the proper sequence.

MPA Workshop Series - Noncredit

The MPA Workshop Series includes short workshops, programs, and noncredit seminars that are designed to enrich the breadth and depth of MPA students' learning experiences and career success. Students must complete 10 clock hours of events. All students in the MPA and Executive MPA programs are required to participate in a minimum of 4 MPA Workshop Series events (generally 2.5 hours in length) during the course of their degree program. Students may attend as many events as they would like.

MPA Workshop Series Requirement Checklist.

Emphasis Areas

To focus your education and develop your expertise in specific areas for your career, the Bloch School’s M.P.A. program offers three emphasis areas.

Health Services Administration
Nonprofit Management
Urban Policy and Administration

Elective Courses

Elective courses may be selected from PA courses including the student’s chosen emphasis area. They may also be selected from political science, economics, psychology, sociology, or other graduate fields with approval of the faculty advisor.

Independent Study

M.P.A. students are limited to a total of six (6) hours of independent study, of which three (3) hours can be an internship. Specific emphasis areas may have slightly different requirements, which override the general policy. If applicable, they are listed under the relevant emphasis area.

Transfer Credit

A maximum of six (6) credit hours of graduate coursework completed with distinction at an accredited graduate school and relevant to the individual’s degree program may be accepted toward the M.P.A. You must provide official transcripts to UMKC for this purpose. All transfer credit is approved by your advisor during your first semester.

Masters Degree Program of Study Form (PDF)

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