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Shubhodeep Das Shubhodeep Das was born in Calcutta, India; however, he grew up in Agra, India, the city housing the famous Taj Mahal. After living in Agra for almost 15 years, he moved back to Calcutta and finished graduation from the State University in Calcutta. His graduation discipline was engineering and he holds a bachelor degree in electrical engineering. Right out of college, he was placed in a construction company named EMC ltd. where he started working in the field of electrical power generation and distribution. After working for 5 years as a design engineer, he developed an interest in the field of consulting and is interested in learning more about it in the Bloch MBA program.

Shubhodeep loves travelling and meeting new people. He is extremely excited about this MBA program at Bloch and the Global Immersion Course since both give him a chance to explore new horizons. He aspires to be a business consultant in the field of technology and is eagerly looking forward to the entire MBA experience at Bloch.

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