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Anthony Quirarte was born and raised in the Kansas City area. Graduating from the US Air Force Academy with a Systems Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Degree, he was commissioned into the Air Force as an Acquisitions Officer. Later, he was assigned to the USAF Test Pilot School as a staff engineer at Edwards AFB, CA. Eventually he was promoted and made a Branch Chief in charge of designing, testing and maintaining special instrumentation on multiple advanced aircraft.

After flying on fighter aircraft while performing engineering evaluations, Anthony decided to make a career change and applied to become a Fighter Pilot. He was selected by the 121st Fighter Squadron of the DC Air National Guard to undergo intensive training to fly the F-16. After completing training in Texas and Arizona he joined his unit in protecting the air space above the Capital.

Post-MBA, Anthony joined Kanone, a Kansas-City based recruiting and online educational platform, as the Military Recruiting Director.

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