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Bloch Executive Education recognizes the need for organizations to strengthen their leadership talent, as well as, individual professionals to continue their pursuit of personal development. As such, we have developed the Bloch Executive Series of leadership seminars.

These seminars are one-day, in-person, programs offered here at UMKC which focus on current business concepts as well as future trends with emphasis on practical learning and applicable techniques. Participants are given the opportunity to build skills to improve decision-making in a workshop environment where they can test assumptions and realize outcomes with peers. There are no prerequisites for joining seminars.

Individuals can elect to register for one seminar or a series of four or more (at a discounted rate) in order to complete the Leadership Track and earn recognition of completion earning a certificate from Bloch Executive Education.

Organizations can invest in employee leadership development by purchasing bundled packages of seminar seats at discounted rates.

Following is our list of our upcoming seminars.

2017-2018 Bloch Executive Series


Facilitating Innovation | February 6 (Tue)

In this interactive session, participants will learn how to tap into their innate abilities to be creative and learn a process for collaborative problem solving—the key to being innovative. The collaborative learning environment will be full of exercises and conversations geared to unlock and unleash our inner innovators.

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Essentials of Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers and Executives | February 28 (Wed)

Understanding and communicating financial information can be a daunting exercise for many managers. In this course, you will learn the basic language of accounting and finance; understand the primary financial statements as well as how transactions and economic events impact financial statements; how to perform financial statement analysis, time value of money, and more.

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Perfecting the Presentation: How to Develop and Deliver Messages that Inspire Action | March 6 (Tue)

In this interactive and experiential session, participants will learn how to deliver formal and informal presentations which inspire and influence. Specifically, those in attendance will learn best practices for holding the attention of others while maintaining an appropriate confidence level and presence.

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Difficult Conversations: How to Step Up and Hold High Stakes Discussions | April 10 (Tue)

During this session, participants will learn the importance of evaluating personal style in defining "difficult" conversations; familiarize themselves with the root cause of conflict; and utilize tools designed to help respond to the facts of situations vs. the stories surrounding situations.

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Emotional Intelligence: The Extraordinary Leader | April 18 (Wed)

Using a highly interactive format and self-assessments, this seminar will help leaders learn to identify and use their emotions more effectively. Participants will also learn how to become a finely attuned leader who recognizes emotions in others and uses this knowledge to build productive relationships.

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Brand is Everything: How to Develop, Execute, and Live Up to Your Most Valuable Asset | April 26 (Thur)

Branding is not a logo, it's not a website, it's not a tagline. Branding is the sum total of every experience a customer has with you and it leaves either a stinky residue or a magnetic attraction to your business. If you choose to be deliberate about how you form this important asset, you will have an advantage over your competition. Period.

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Essential Negotiation Perspectives: Explore, Expand, Divide, Agree | May 24 (Thur)

The best negotiation results come from understanding that every negotiation is a tool to solve a problem. Skilled negotiators work to understand exactly what problem they're solving, how to approach it as efficiently as possible, and how to distribute the value of that solution to maximum advantage. You will develop a clearer, more practical perspective on deal making by exploring four critical, transformative phases of interest-based negotiation

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Building Better Relationships Through Networking | June 5 (Tue)

While at times, networking may feel intimidating, stressful or awkward, now is the time to sharpen your networking skills, utilize this powerful tool, and connect with others. The course reveals strategies for building more meaningful, more authentic professional connections by establishing and nurturing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

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Business Models: Learning from World-Class Companies to Drive Growth | August 29 (Wed)

In this session we will discuss relevant business cases and learn how to make profitable growth a habit. Participants will build a personal approach to managing their own process for driving growth using a business model, as well as learn a new approach to innovation useful for driving consistent results.

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Time & Energy Management: Planning the Path to Peak Performance | September 13 (Thur)

During this interactive session, participants will learn how to maximize their performance by changing their relationship to time, acquiring scientifically-informed strategies for optimizing functioning, improving stress management skills, and combining the new knowledge and skills with renewed energy to better meet the demands of intense workplaces.

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Leading Non-Profit Organizations | September 18 (Tue)

This one-day workshop is an opportunity for non-profit leaders to focus on leading organizations and driving success by examining the unique needs of leadership in the non-profit space. Through highly-interactive presentations and scenario-based discussion, participants will unpack challenges and discover approaches to leadership in this session. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical information to help them grow as leaders within their own organizations.

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Developing Your Executive Presence and Expanding Your Career | September 26 (Wed)

In this interactive and multimedia-driven session, participants will discover how to present themselves in a manner that inspires confidence. Specifically, those in attendance will learn how to maintain composure, project confidence, communicate more effectively, and build trust.

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Managing Diverse Teams | October 9 (Tue)

Mastering the skills to lead diverse teams is an essential element for success in today's business world. Participants in this session will identify which environments help diverse teams deliver better outcomes, as well as which common pitfalls to avoid when leading difference on teams.

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Influence, Persuasion, and Impact | November 7 (Wed)

As leaders who collaborate with others across a variety of venues, your survival is contingent upon your ability to form trusting relationships with senior leaders, stakeholders, clients, peers, and direct reports. During this interactive session, participants will learn the psychology around how and why human beings offer or withhold trust, while also exploring multiple dimensions of power and political agility.

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New Venture Creation/New Business Development | December 6 (Thur)

This course provides participants with exposure to topics relevant to high-growth potential new venture creation including the various elements, processes, and issues involved with creation through to venture harvest/exit. These topics will also be explored relative to corporate executives charged with identifying, launching, and growing new product initiative, new market, and business development opportunities.

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Individual Pricing

Individuals can sign up for individual seminars or register to complete the Leadership Track.

Individual Seminar: $495
Individuals may participate in any individual seminar by registering above for $495.

Leadership Track: $1600
Individuals may participate in the Leadership Track and join (four) seminars from the calendar of offerings above to earn a certificate of recognition.

Organizational Pricing

Organizations can choose to purchase single seats or bundled-packages of seats at a discounted rate, and allocate registrations across the calendar of seminars. When purchasing a package for your organization, please complete the online registration and upon receipt of payment a representative from Bloch Executive Education will contact you in order to assist in allocating your seminar seats.

Individual Seminar: $495
Organizations can register any one participant in any individual seminar above for $495.

Silver Package: $1,600
Organizations can register one participant, or different participants, allocating their four seminar seats across the calendar of offerings above. Any individual completing four or more seminars is eligible to receive the Leadership Track certificate of completion.

Gold Package: $4,500
Organizations can register multiple participants and allocate their twelve seminar seats across the calendar of offerings above. Any individual completing four or more seminars is eligible to receive the Leadership Track certificate of completion.

Platinum Package: $8,400
Organizations can register multiple participants and allocate their twenty-four seminar seats across the calendar of offerings above. Any individual completing four or more seminars is eligible to receive the Leadership Track certificate of completion.

Available Discount Programs

Executive MBA Alumni Pricing
If you are a graduate of the Bloch Executive MBA (EMBA) program, you qualify for discounted seminar registration. Contact us at or 816-235-6071 to register for seminars and take advantage of these discounted rates.

KCRAR Member Pricing
If you are an active member of the Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS, you qualify for discounted seminar registration. contact us at or 816-235-6071 to register for seminars and take advantage of these discounted rates.

UMKC Alumni Pricing
Register online by selecting the UMKC Alumni Registration option for any individual seminar or by contacting us at or 816-235-6071 to take advantage of these discounted rates.

Seminar Details

Time | 9am-4pm
Location | Bloch Executive Hall, 5108 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64110

Pre-Course Communication | Two weeks before the session, you will receive an email with details including any pre-work assignments (such as short readings or videos that instructors may ask you to complete prior to the session).
Parking | You will be mailed a parking pass for the day of your seminar a week prior to the session. Parking instructions will be included in the mailing.
Meals | Light breakfast and coffee will be available at the beginning of the event and lunch will be provided.

Photo & Video Policy
By attending the event, you are giving Bloch Executive Education permission to use any photos, videos, or images captured on site for future promotional purposes.

Cancellation & Transfer Policy
Seminar participants (or their organizational representative) should call or email Bloch Executive in order to change or cancel registrations. Cancellations made prior to 7 days from the seminar date are eligible for credit towards a future seminar, but are ineligible for refund. Credit for future seminar is valid through the following seminar year. Seminar registrations may be transferred from individual to another up to 7 days before any elected seminar. Cancellations made within 7 days from the seminar date are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Bloch Executive Education reserves the right to make changes to the cancellation policy and transfer policy. The current policies will be posted on our website and will be observed regardless of previous policies or standards.

"No-shows" are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Gift Certificates
When redeeming a gift certificate, the 15 digit code must be submitted prior to registration.

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