You’re already juggling work, family, friends, commitments in your community and roughly 100 other projects. How can you possibly add in a two-year Executive MBA program? With help from the Bloch team, your peers and others who have been in your shoes before, you’ll find the balance you need personally and professionally.

Time Commitment

Classes meet between 75–80 days over the course of the two-year program. Outside of class, you’ll want to plan time to study, work on projects and meet with your team. Most students plan on spending about 20 hours outside of class per week, including about two hours meeting with their team.

Student Teams

Throughout the program, you’ll work with four different teams comprised of students from your cohort. Some semesters, your team will collaborate on projects for classes. Every semester, your team will have your back.

These peers will learn from you and lean on you, and you’ll do the same with them. If you have to miss a class, your team can help you catch up. Your team members are more than classmates, they’re your champions.

student listening to another student and smiling