Tuition and Fees

For members of the incoming Class of 2024, tuition and fees are $61,500*.

This amount covers the following:

  • Executive MBA course tuition for all required classes
  • All textbooks and course materials
  • Unlimited individualized executive coaching
  • Most expenses related to the four residencies (excluding: airfare if travel is required, alcohol, personal charges, some meals, some ground transportation)
  • Professional assessments and reports
  • Breakfast and lunch on class days
  • Tutorials in accounting, finance and statistics
  • Access to UMKC resources, like the Counseling and Testing Center, Swinney Recreation Center and the Bloch Communication Center

Bloch Executive MBA students are responsible for payment of tuition, whether it is paid by the student or by his or her employer. Tuition is not refundable if a student withdraws from the program. Those deferring completion of the program beyond the normal 21-months are responsible for the current tuition during additional semesters of enrollment.

Fee Payment Schedule — Class of 2024

First semester tuition Due August 2022 $15,538
Second semester tuition Due January 2023 $14,212
Third semester tuition Due August 2023 $14,125
Fourth semester tuition Due January 2024 $17,625
Total tuition $61,500

Tuition and fees for the Executive MBA are $ 1, 412.50 per credit hour. In semester 2 and semester 4, additional fees for the residencies apply – these additional fees are not included in the per credit hour amount. Fees for the Public Policy Residency are $ 1,500. Fees for the Global Residency are $ 3,500. Electives taken out of sequence are billed the Executive MBA tuition and fee amount of $ 1,412.50 per credit hour in the semester in which they are taken.

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