Curriculum Overview

Year One

Build a foundation of current business knowledge and explore possibilities that could reshape the future of business. Travel to Washington, D.C., and speak directly with experts who influence the policies that impact businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

Semester 1 Fundamentals of Management Semester 2 Fundamentals of Management
Business Analytics for Decision Making Residency Negotiation and Conflict Management
Fundamentals of Leadership Marketing Management
Financial Reporting Systems Organizational Finance
Leadership and Organizations Public Policy and Industry – Washington, D.C. Residency

Year Two

In year two, you’ll focus on integrating strategy across major areas of business and the dynamics of strategy implementation. The capstone, Strategy and New Venture Creation, integrates learnings throughout the program through the development of a new venture business plan. By the time you go abroad in your final semester, you’ll be ready to test your knowledge in the global landscape.

Semester 3 Strategic Integration Semester 4 Strategic Implementation
Strategic Management Residency Strategy and New Venture Creation
Product and Service Innovation Current Issues in Management with Technology
Talent Management Elective* or Operations Management
Elective* or Advanced Topics in Finance Global Initiatives in Management – International Residency

*Electives: You may select an elective from a variety of graduate course options in entrepreneurship, finance, public administration, real estate, marketing, and more. Elective options vary by semester. Offerings and schedule for electives are available at least two month prior to the start of the semester. These classes are open to Bloch graduate students and are an excellent opportunity to study with people outside the cohort.

Executive MBA Course Descriptions

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