Career Resources During COVID-19

The coronavirus has impacted everyone’s work. For the lucky, it means trying to navigate productively working from home, for the not-so-lucky, it means scrambling after one’s job has disappeared.

If you are finding yourself temporarily or permanently unemployed, remember, you’re not alone! As a student or alum of UMKC you have access to job postings through HANDSHAKE and one-to-one career advising through either the UMKC Career Services office or the Bloch Career Center. Our career services staff is available to help you find a new position, update your resume, or prepare for an interview.

Chances are it will be tough to find similar work but if you need to earn something to tide you over, look at temporary, part-time, or flex-time positions. These can get you through the next couple months.

If your job has been eliminated due to COVID-19, there are some things you can do in the short-term:

  1. Apply for unemployment insurance
  2. Look for work with one of the many companies adding positions in this crazy time:
    • Grocery stores & Big Box retailers are doing a booming business and are hiring for a wide variety of roles
    • PriceChopper, HY-VEE, Hen House, Whole Foods, Save A Lot, SunFresh, ALDI, Etc.
    • Target, WalMart, CostCo, Sam’s Club, etc.
    • Amazon is looking for warehouse workers and delivery drivers
    • Restaurant/grocery delivery services
    • Instacart, UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, etc.
  3. Do freelance work. There are sites that curate a wide variety of jobs for freelancers:
  4. Reach out to reputable temp agencies like Ajilon which is currently looking for customer service candidates to work from home at $14/hour.
    • Ajilon
    • Robert Half
    • Adecco
    • ProStaff
  5. Traditional job sites are still posting great jobs—full-time as well as part-time/flex-time:
    • LinkedIn – Excellent job board but make sure your LinkedIn Profile is updated for best results (Career services staff can help you with this, contact us to schedule a virtual appointment!)
    • Glassdoor – Excellent job board
    • Non-Profit Connect – Local non-profit jobs
    • NetImpact – National non-profit jobs
    • – predominantly tech positions

UMKC Career Services and the Bloch Career Center will also be putting out video programming every week on YouTube to help you stay informed and ready for the changes in the job market.

You can access those videos here: