Recruiting Accounting Students

The Bloch School has been fortunate to have very involved and experienced Accounting faculty who understand the importance of career development. They also want to get to know you!


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Recruiting MBA Students

How does a Bloch MBA stand out from other schools? Whether is it Professional MBA program or the Full-Time Intensive MBA program, we require a minimum amount of work experience and a minimum GMAT score to be admitted into the program.

What does this mean for you? An MBA isn’t just a 5th or 6th additional year. Our students are in cohorts of some of the best and brightest young professionals that Kansas City has to offer which means they are some of the best young professionals available to your organization.


Recruiting International Students

More than likely your business isn’t just confined to the United States, so let’s chat about the value of hiring an international student. We have students from China, Brazil, India, and more. If you are interested in learning more about our international students and the value they can bring to your organization, let us know!

Offering Internships

To help you develop experiential learning opportunities that meet students’ needs, as well as your own, we created the Bloch Internship Toolkit (PDF). The guide is full of tips and resources to help organizations create or refine their internship programs.

Additional Opportunities

We don’t believe recruiting should be a one-size fits all process. Our talent network on Handshake is the best place to start advertising your vacancies.

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