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Participate in the 2014 edition of the Salary & Benefits Survey for Greater Kansas City Regional Nonprofit Organizations & Associations by April 30th.

The Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership of the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Henry W. Bloch School of Management, Nonprofit Connect, Executive Service Corps of Greater Kansas City (ESC) and Kansas City Society of Association Executives (KCSAE) in Kansas City have formed a collaborative partnership to conduct the Salary & Benefits Survey of Greater Kansas City Regional Nonprofit Organizations & Associations - the only one of its kind in Kansas City! Legally, politically, and ethically, it is more important than ever for nonprofit agencies to use research-based information to establish, benchmark, and defend their salaries and benefits.

This Salary Survey is the tool that provides your nonprofit - and all nonprofits in the Kansas City metro region - with these three benefits.

  • Matching your salaries and benefits to the local nonprofit employment market ensures that your compensation practices are competitive for hiring and retaining the best people while still being responsible with your agency's limited resources;
  • Benchmarking your salaries and benefits levels ensures that you are being fair to your staff when determining an appropriate level of compensation; and
  • Basing key executive salaries, benefits, and perquisites on the results of a research-based salary survey provides your agency with strong legal and political protection for your decisions. Nonprofit regulatory authorities and many funders are paying more attention to the legitimacy of salaries and benefits that nonprofits are providing and the best defense for your salary decisions is the use of a legitimate, well-researched salary survey that is representative of your hiring market.

We have begun surveying regional nonprofits and associations to produce the next edition of the Salary & Benefits Survey of Greater Kansas City. Your participation is essential. In order for the 2014 Salary and Benefits Survey to achieve the highest level of accuracy, all Kansas City agencies must participate in the survey. In addition, survey participants will receive a 50% discount on the Final Report.

Counties covered in survey

Bates County, Mo.
Caldwell County, Mo.
Cass County, Mo.
Clay County, Mo.
Clinton County, Mo.
Jackson County, Mo.
Johnson County, Mo.
Lafayette County, Mo.
Platte County, Mo.
Ray County, Mo.
Atchison County, Kan.
Douglas County, Kan. (Lawrence)
Franklin County, Kan.
Johnson County, Kan.
Leavenworth County, Kan.
Linn County, Kan.
Miami County, Kan.
Shawnee County, Kan. (Topeka)
Wyandotte County, Kan.

To participate, please click here to complete the survey for your organization. Please complete your survey by April 30, 2014.. If you prefer to fill out a paper copy of the survey, please send us an email at mcnl@umkc.edu to receive a copy in Word format.

All completed surveys will go directly to the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC for processing and analysis. No other agencies will have access to your survey information. To encourage candor, all responses will be held in strictest confidence by the research team of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership. Your responses, and the responses of your colleagues, will be aggregated and reported in a non-identifying manner in the survey report, which will be available in early summer.

To view pricing (including discounts for survey participants) and to pre-order a copy of the Report, please use the pre-order form below.

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Note: On completion, the Salary Survey report will also be available in our Nonprofit Resource Center (4747 Troost Avenue Suite 207 - 816-235-5720) so you can view it for free - the 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011 versions are also available to view. Here is a sample portion of the 2006 Survey Report so you can see some of what the report covers.


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