Henry W. Bloch School of Management

2013 - 2014 Student Projects

Go Gal

An initiative to engage young girls in the technology field through creative curriculum that enhances critical thinking and an awareness of the tech industry.

Children of Incarcerated Parents

Children Of Incarcerated Parents helps children of incarcerated parents deal with their anxiety, anger, shame, and grief due to separation from their parents, and to break the cycle of regeneration and help with reunification.

Visual Edge

Visual Edge is a digital non-profit production company aiming to work with individuals who are aging out of foster care. As these individuals enter the workforce, Visual Edge will offer digital resume workshops. Individuals referred to Visual Edge by foster care organizations/social workers will have the chance to create digital resumes and get guidance on interviewing. The digital resume will be a reflection piece focusing on participant's passions, skills and personality.

Visual Edge seeks to empower participants by providing a cutting edge technique for them to showcase their talents to potential employers.

Kim Wilson Housing

Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. (KWH) is dedicated to delivering innovative housing solutions and building better communities. To further this goal, KWH is developing new strategies for social investors to invest in housing targeted at-risk populations receiving social services. These strategies will include the opportunity for the investor to choose from a variety of investment levels that can provide returns that meet their personal needs as well as benefit the populations in need of housing.

KWH offers this as a way for individuals, communities, and corporations to generate a social return on their investment while providing the potential for financial returns as well.

Trauma Matters

Trauma Matters KC believes that everyone has a role to play in preventing the emotional impact of trauma and supporting survivors to cultivate resiliency and wellness. Research confirms that trauma is a social epidemic in our community and the world.

Trauma Matters KC is a regional initiative among local partners to change lives in the Kansas City region through trauma awareness and sensitive practices. This strategic alliance grew out of shared concern about trauma from a variety of sectors in the community, including mental health, K-12 education, and law enforcement and now includes members as diverse as yoga teachers and members of the military.

Administrative services have been provided by Mid-America Regional Council as part of the Regional Health Care Initiative, funded by the Greater Kansas City Health Care Foundation.

Madam President Camp

Educates and empowers young women throughout the United States while promoting a life-long interest in civic responsibility. Madam President Camp is a non-profit, day camp for young women ages 10-14 years old which provides an education about women in local and national politics and public service. Girls participating in the camp will receive first-hand accounts from women in political and government positions, while being introduced to the different roles women play in government.

Madam President Camp strives to inspire campers through an educational curriculum, day trips to civic centers, and interaction with a mentor in public service. Each camper will be introduced to a mentor whom they will continue to cultivate a relationship with post-camp in an effort to extend the learning experience. The camp continues to grow and hopes to reach new campers across the United States in the coming years.


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