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Sponsorship Overview

Talent development is a smart investment. The Bloch Executive MBA supports organizations - large and small, for-profit and nonprofit - in their leadership succession planning and in preparing talented professionals to assume expanded responsibilities and executive roles.

What a Bloch Executive MBA does for executive talent:

  • Cutting-edge business education with a focus on innovation, teamwork, strategic thinking, executive judgment and leadership.
  • Thought leadership provided by world-class faculty, top researchers, executives-in-residence, award-winning educators, and successful consultants to industry.
  • Real-world applicability using live cases, simulations, field-based team projects, and opportunities to address work issues.
  • Individualized executive coaching and professional assessments that strengthen communication, project management, decision-making, and teamwork skills.
  • A powerful executive network creating invaluable relationships with local, national, and international leaders from diverse organizations, sectors, and industries.







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