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Growing up the daughter of an international diplomat in Geneva, Switzerland, Narbeli Galindo’s life was full of world travel and exposure to many cultures from her earliest years. When she moved to the United States, Galindo took it for granted that most people would have the same international sensibilities that she did. She quickly realized this was far from true. “When people study a foreign language, or international business, or finance, or any international subject matter there is often one key component missing from their education: understanding the high importance of varying cultural norms and etiquette that will allow them to succeed or set them up for failure,” Galindo said. At the Bloch School, she brings her experience into the classroom and the boardroom to help others learn about, and prepare for, international experiences and global careers. Read more.



The Department of Public Affairs at the UMKC Henry W. Bloch School of Management congratulates Scott Helm, Ph.D. and Fredrik Andersson, post-doctoral fellow. Their recent paper entitled "Do Socially Entrepreneurial Nonprofits Perform Better? An Empirical Exploration" tied for best paper presented at the 9th Annual NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. Helm and Andersson shared the honor of best paper at the conference with Harvard’s Matt Lee and Julie Battilana who presented, "Social entrepreneur socialization and the antecedents of hybrid organizations." Contact Scott Helm or Fredrik Andersson.



When Department of Accountancy Chair Georgia Smedley thinks of educating the next generation of accountants, she thinks in terms of producing well-rounded individuals. Smedley led the accounting department with mentorship and input from the Accounting Executive Board, comprised of accounting professionals in the community, in developing the Leadership and Ethics in Accounting Decisions model (L.E.A.D.). This model represents the holistic education Bloch provides for accounting students – not just deep technical competency in accounting itself, but soft skills such as: leadership; solid work ethic; preparing students to be workplace appropriate (e.g., etiquette in written and verbal communication and attire); instilling a desire to continue learning and, in today’s business world what is perhaps most important: ethical behavior and moral compass. Contact Georgia Smedley.



Victor and Caroline Schutte/Missouri Endowed Professorship in Urban Affairs Jered Carr is leading the development of a certificate program to help local government officials understand the constantly changing environment of community economic development. Topics covered include redevelopment policy, economic development finance, and community structure and social equity, with simulation exercises to examine local cases. Over the next year, Carr says he hopes to develop a second certificate program on sustainable communities. “The Kansas City region is an interesting place to study community sustainability,” Carr said. “The complexity of a bi-state metropolitan region like Kansas City provides a great laboratory. There are a large number of communities from different states that are part of the same regional economy.” Contact Jered Carr.



Students can benefit from understanding research, how it’s done, and how it applies to various job fields but may not always have vital access. Thanks to assistant professor of leadership and organizational behavior William Self, UMKC students from various disciplines have a place to get this kind of experience. Self founded the Bloch Research Engagement Program to demystify research activities in the Bloch School and bring faculty and students together in the research process. Through the program, undergraduate and graduate students alike participate in research studies conducted by Self and other Bloch faculty. Contact Will Self.



Finance professor Stephen Pruitt is causing drama! When he’s not teaching finance Pruitt is making feature films. His first full-length film, written and produced with his wife, earned the Best Feature Film award. Contact Stephen Pruitt.



Bloch assistant professor of nonprofit leadership Brent Never was elected to Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Sly James’ Citizens’ Commission on Municipal Revenue. The 16-member commission, comprised of civic and community leaders, will be charged with examining the city’s current funding mechanisms and providing analysis and recommendations to James and his staff. Never was chosen based on his research, knowledge of city finances and community leadership and involvement. Contact Brent Never.



Thanks to efforts led by Bloch School assistant teaching professor Pamela Roffol Dobies, who also serves as director of the Bloch Career Network Initiative, Bloch students can take advantage of specialized career and placement guidance. “From the time they begin their relationship with the Bloch School, the Career Network guides each student and alumnus through the design and pursuit of a holistic career plan,” Dobies said. Whether it’s one of many available internships or full-time position placement, the Bloch Career Network leverages the university’s Roo Career Network (RCN) to connect the right person to the right position with the right organization. Contact Pam Dobies.



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