Faculty Research

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Recent Bloch School Faculty Research, 2012


David W. Cornell, associate professor of accounting, Georgia Smedley, associate professor of accounting, and Nancy Weatherholt, associate professor of accounting wroteAn Excel-Based, Multi-Year Accounting Cycle Project for Either the First Intermediate Accounting Course or an AIS Course.” for the Accounting Information Systems Educator Conference, 2012.

Larry Garrison, Helen Kemper/Missouri Professor of Accountancy, spoke on "Motivating Students: A Review of Best Practices" at the Johnson County (Kansas) Community College 11th Annual Accounting Educators’ Seminar in Overland Park, KS, March 2012 and presented a paper titled "Registered Tax Return Preparers: A New Category of Preparers" at the MBAA International - North American Accounting Society Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, March 2012.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Richard Arend, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Yan Chen wrote "Entrepreneurship as dynamic, complex, disequilibrious: A focus that benefits strategic organization" for Strategic Organization! (2012).

Richard Arend wrote "Ethics-Focused Dynamic Capabilities: A Small Business Perspective" for Small Business Economics (2012)

Lisa Z. Song and Mark E. Parry, Ewing M. Kauffman/Missouri Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership, wrote “Mental Models and Successful First-Mover Entry Decisions: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Entrepreneurs,” Journal of Product Innovation and Management (forthcoming); “Mental Models and Successful First-Mover Entry Decisions: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Entrepreneurs,” for the Journal of Product Innovation Management (forthcoming).

Mark E. Parry and Michael Song wrote with Qing Cao “Forecasting New Product Adoption with Probabilistic Neural Networks,” for the Journal of Product Innovation Management (forthcoming); “Market Information Acquisition, Utilization, and New Venture Performance,” for the Journal of Product Innovation Management (forthcoming).

Sunny Li Sun, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation, Gang Liu, and Nan Zhou wrote “The Role Of Instructor And Students In Case Method: An Analysis Based On Epistemology And American Experience” for Management Case Studies and Review (conditionally accepted).

Dirk Libaers, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation, wrote “Research Universities in the US Defense System in the Post-Cold War Era,” James, A. (Eds.) for The Dynamics of Innovation in the Defense Sector: Economics, Technology and the New Security Environment, (2012).


Fred Hays, Henry W. Bloch Missouri Endowed Chair in Financial Services, wrote “Does Technology Matter? Evidence from the Credit Union Industry” (lead author with Sidne Gail Ward), Proceedings of the Academic and Business Research Institute. 2012.

Stephen W. Pruitt, Arvin Gottlieb/Missouri Endowed Chair of Business Economics and Finance (with Joe B. Cobbs, Mark Groza) wrote "Warning Flags on the Race Track: The Global Markets’ Verdict on Formula One Sponsorship" for Journal of Advertising Research 2012; 52(1), 74-86; and “Commercial Sponsorship In Formula One Racing: A Verdict From The World’s Financial Markets” for Journal of Advertising Research (forthcoming).

Hu, X., David Kuipers, associate professor of finance, and Zeng, Y. wrote “Filtering with Counting Process Observations and Other Factors: Application to Bond Price Tick Data,” Applied Probability and Mathematical Finance, A. Tsoi (ed.), London, UK: World Scientific Publishing (forthcoming) (book chapter).

Nathan Mauck, assistant professor of finance, wrote “Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment and the Return-to-Risk Relation of Target Firms,” with April Knill and Bong-Soo Lee for Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2012; 21(2); “Bilateral Political Relations and Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment,” with April Knill and Bong-Soo Lee for  Journal of Corporate Finance, 2012; 18(1); “The Uncertainty Resolution of FOMC Meeting Days,” with Denghui Chen and Kevin Krieger for Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, (forthcoming).


Rong Ma, assistant professor of strategic management, and Huang, Y. wrote “Exploitative Learning In Project Teams: The Effects Of Cognitive Skills And Strategic Orientations” for Journal of Engineering and Technology Management (forthcoming); “Social Networks and Opportunity Recognition: A Cultural Comparison Between Taiwan and the United States” for Strategic Management Journal. (forthcoming, with Shenkar, O.)

Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Rita Marie Cain wrote “Food Inglorious Food: Food Safety, Food Libel and Free Speech,” 49 American Business Law Journal 275 (2012). This research was named the Outstanding Proceedings Paper at the 2011 annual conference of the international Academy of Legal Studies in Business.  She also wrote “Salad, Safety and Speech under a National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement,” for Food and Drug Law Journal (forthcoming).

Shad Dowlatshahi, professor of operations management, wrote “The Role of Warehousing in Reverse Logistics," accepted for publication into International Journal of Production Research

Public Administration

Scott Helm and Fredrik Andersson Tie with Harvard
Scott Helm, Ph.D. and Fredrik Andersson, post-doctoral fellow, were recently honored for their paper entitled "Do Socially Entrepreneurial Nonprofits Perform Better? An Empirical Exploration." The paper tied for best paper presented at the 9th Annual NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. Helm and Andersson shared the honor of best paper with Harvard’s Matt Lee and Julie Battilana who presented, "Social entrepreneur socialization and the antecedents of hybrid organizations."

Jered B. Carr
, Victor and Caroline Schutte/Missouri Endowed Professorship in Urban Affairs, with Simon Andrew wrote “Mitigating Uncertainty and Risk in Planning for Regional Preparedness: The Role of Bonding and Bridging Relationships.” Urban Studies (forthcoming); with Antonio Tavares, “So Close, Yet so Far Away? The Effects of City Size, Density, and Growth on Local Civic Participation.” Journal of Urban Affairs (forthcoming); with Shanthi Karuppusamy, “Interjurisdictional Competition and Local Public Finance: Assessing the Modifying Effects of Institutional Incentives and Fiscal Constraints.” Urban Studies 2012; 49(7): 1549-69; with Antonio Tavares, Miguel Rodrigues, and Catarina Magalhaes, “The Economic and Political Impacts of Top-Down Territorial Reform: The Case of Portuguese Parishes.” International Political Science Association Conference, July 8-12, 2012, Madrid, Spain. 2012; with Shanthi Karuppusamy,“Confronting Wicked Problems in the Metropolis: Knowledge-Based Networks and the New Regionalism.” Annual Meeting of the Urban Affairs Association, April 19-21, 2012; Pittsburgh, Pa.; with Antonio F. Tavares, “Patterns of Political and Civic Engagement: Exploring the Effects of City Size, Density, and Growth.” Annual Meeting of the Urban Affairs Association, April 19-21, 2012, Pittsburgh, Pa., 2012; with William Hatley, “Services Collaboration through Multijurisdictional Organizations: Obstacles and Opportunities in times of Fiscal Stress.” Annual Meeting of the American Society for Public Administration, March 2-6, 2012 (Las Vegas), 2012.

David O. Renz, Beth K. Smith/Missouri Chair in Nonprofit Leadership, wrote “Nonprofit governance: A review of the field” for New Perspectives in Nonprofit Governance. London, U.K.: Routledge (forthcoming 2012); was guest editor for Nonprofit Management and Leadership: Special Issue on Nonprofit Governance. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass (forthcoming 2012); and guest editor of the Summer 2012 edition of Nonprofit Management & Leadership, published by Wiley; with Fredrik Andersson wrote “Bases of Power and the Dominant Coalition in Nonprofit Organization Governance.” Paper presentation at the 20th Biennial Research Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR). July 10-13, 2012.  University of Siena, Siena, Italy; wrote “Revised Program Curriculum: Advanced Leadership Institute.” Curriculum Design Contract for Partners for Recovery/Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network Program of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. June 2012.

Brent Never, assistant professor of nonprofit leadership, wrote “Understanding Constraints on Nonprofit Leadership Tactics in Times of Recession.” Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 40(6), 990-1004.

Real Estate

Walter Clements, assistant teaching professor of real estate, and Jason Carter-Solomon wrote "The Emerging Economy, Paradigm Shifts and the New Real Estate Professional," Kansas City Business Journal 15 Apr. 2011; Clements spoke at the National Association of Real Estate Editors on the subject of “ Sustainable Infrastructure in America” June 20, 2012, in Denver, Colo.; the American Real Estate Society Conference in St. Petersburg, Fla., in April 2012 on the subjects of “Technology and Data in the classroom” and “Interactive Learning Methodology for Real Estate Education” and the Russian Guild of Realtors in Moscow, Russia in March on the subject of “Corporate Real Estate Decisions.”

Faculty Research 2011


Randy Gardner, “Estate Planning with the New Portability Exemption,” The Journal of Financial Planning, (forthcoming) June 2011, Volume 24, Issue 6 (with Julie Welch and Leslie Daff).

Randy Gardner, “Protecting Your Child’s Inheritance: The Beneficiary-Controlled Trust,” The Journal of Financial Planning, February 2011, Volume 24, Issue 2 (with Julie Welch and Leslie Daff).

Randy Gardner, “Education Incentives for 2010,” CPA Magazine, Tax Season 2011, Volume 9, Issue 6 (with Julie Welch).

Randy Gardner, 101 Tax Saving Ideas - Tenth Edition, Wealth Builders Press, LLC, 2011 (with Julie Welch).

Larry Garrison, "Going "Green": State Tax Incentives and Alternative Energy – An Update," 29/4 Journal of State Taxation, May-June 2011, pp. 15-42 (invited article).

Larry Garrison, “The Vehicle Mileage Tax: An Alternative to the Traditional Gasoline Tax,” presented at the MBAA International - North American Accounting Society Meeting. Chicago, Ill. March 2011.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Lisa Z. Song and Michael Song, “The Role of Information Technologies in Enhancing R&D-Marketing Integration: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27: 382-401.

Caerteling, Jasper S., C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Andre G. Doree, Johannes I. M. Halman, and Michael Song (2011), “Technology Development Projects In Road Infrastructure: The Relevance Of Government Championing Behavior,” Technovation, 31 (5-6), 270-283.

Lisa Z. Song, Michael Song, and C. Anthony Di Benedetto (2011). “Resources, Supplier Investment, Product Launch Advantages, and First Product Performance,” Journal of Operations Management, 29 (1-2), 86-104; also presented at Product Development and Management Association, Netherlands Chapter in May 2011; also in Journal of Operations Management, special issue on Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, and Value Creation: Emerging Opportunities in a Cross-Disciplinary Context, 29(1-2): 86-104.

Hoffmann, Petra, Holger Schiele, Michael Song, and Koos Krabbendam, “Enhancing supply risk management performance: a transaction cost and social exchange theory perspective,” 20th Annual International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association Conference, Maasticht, The Netherlands, 10-13 April 2011.

Podoynitsyna, Ksenia, Hans van der Bij, and Michael Song, “What is good being biased?” 2011 Academy of Management 71st Annual Meeting, August 12-16, in San Antonio, Texas.

Qing Cao, Mark E. Parry and Karyl Leggio (2011), “The Three-Factor Model and Artificial Neural Networks: Predicting Stock Price Movement in China,” Annals of Operations Research, 185 (1), 25.

Sunny Li Sun, Mike W. Peng, Bing Ren, and Daying Yan (2011). “A Comparative Ownership Advantage Framework For Cross-Border M&As: The Rise Of Chinese And Indian MNEs.” Journal of World Business (Accepted).

Peng, Mike W., Sunny Li Sun, and Dane P. Blevins (2011). “The Social Responsibility Of International Business Scholars.” Multinational Business Review (Accepted).

Sunny Li Sun, Bing Ren, Daying Yan, and Mike W. Peng (2011). “Comparative Ownership Advantages: Theoretical Framework For China And India’s Cross-Border M&As.” Sun Yat-Sen Management Review. 5(4): 1-32.

Yang, H., Sunny Li Sun, Lin, Zhiang, and Mike W. Peng (2011). “Behind M&As In China And The United States: Networks, Learning, And Institutions.” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 28(2): 239-255. (Google Scholar citations: 2).

Dirk Libaers and Meyer, M. (2011) “Highly Innovative Small Technology Firms, Industrial Clusters, and Firm Internationalization,” (forthcoming) Research Policy.

Meyer, M., Dirk Libaers and Jae-Hwan Park (2011) “The Emergence of Novel Science-Related Fields: Regional or Technological Patterns? Exploration and Exploitation in UK Nanotechnology,” Regional Studies, 44(12), 1-26.

Dirk Libaers, Hicks, D., and Porter A.L. (2011) “A Taxonomy of Small Firm Technology Commercialization,” Industrial and Corporate Change, 20(3), 1-35.

Meyer, M., Dirk Libaers, B. Thijs, and W. Glanzel (2011) “The Emergence of Entrepreneurship as a Research Field,” accepted at ISSI 2011, Durban, South Africa.

Dirk Libaers (2011) “A Resource-Based Perspective of Academic Entrepreneurship: Are More Resources Always Better and Does Resource Configuration Matter?” accepted at Academy of Management Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Dirk Libaers (2011) “Foreign-born academics: Academic Entrepreneurs or Entrepreneurial Academics,” accepted at Babson Conference, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY and Academy of Management Conference, San Antonio, Texas.


John Clark wrote “Looking Back on 2010 and Forward to 2011,” with Brian Boscaljon and Harold Evensky. Journal of Financial Planning, Volume 24 (1), January 2011.

Fred Hays wrote “Credit Union Performance: Does CEO Gender Matter?” (lead author with Nancy Day and Sarah Belanus) Proceedings of the Academy of Business Disciplines; 2011 (forthcoming) Best Paper in Session Award 2011.

Fred Hays wrote “Experiential Learning with Student Created Cases: Using Financial Autopsies” (with Sidne Gail Ward), Journal of the Academy of Business Education (peer reviewed ABE Proceedings) 2011.

Fred Hays wrote “Understanding Market Concentration: Internet-based Applications from the Banking Industry,” (with Sidne Gail Ward), Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, 2011.

Fred Hays wrote “Understanding Market Concentration: Internet-based Applications from the Banking Industry,” (with Sidne Gail Ward), Proceedings of the Academy of Business Disciplines. Forthcoming, 2011. Best Paper in Session Award.

Nathan Mauck wrote “Fire Sale Acquisitions: Myth vs. Reality,” with James Ang. Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 35(3), 2011.

Sidne Ward and Fred Hays wrote "Understanding Market Concentration: Internet-based Applications from the Banking Industry," Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, Vol. 5, 2011.


Lee Bolman and Deal, T. E. wrote Leading with Soul: An Uncommon Journey of Spirit, 3d edition.San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, expected August, 2011.

Lee Bolman and Gallos, J. V. wrote Reframing Academic Leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2011.

Nancy Day wrote “The Silent Majority: Manuscript Rejection and Its Impact on Scholars,” conditionally accepted, The Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2011.

Nancy Day wrote “Pay Communication: Implications for Organizational Justice and Pay Satisfaction in the Public Sector,” forthcoming, Employee Relations, 2011, 33:5.

Nancy Day, Doranne Hudson, Pam Roffol Dobies and Robert Waris wrote “Student or Situation? Personality and Classroom Context as Predictors of Business School Cheating,” 14:2, 261, 2011, Social Psychology of Education – An International Journal.

Nancy Day, Doranne Hudson wrote “U.S. Small Company Leaders’ Religious Motivation and Other-Directed Organizational Values,” International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research,17:4, 361, 2011.

Nancy Day wrote “Managing Sexual Orientation: Evidence-Based Best Practice,” chapter in Managing Diversity in Today’s Workplace, Praeger, forthcoming, 2011. (book chapter).

Marilyn Taylor wrote “BORDER Speed and Choices of Cultural Distance in Born Globals’ First Cross-Border Activities: Insights from a Qualitative Analysis.” Proceedings, Midwest Academy of Management, Omaha, 2011 (forthcoming).

Marilyn Taylor wrote “The Twenty-First’s Second Decade-Whither the Beauty Industry?” Proceedings, Midwest Academy of Management, Omaha, 2011 (forthcoming).

Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Kim, Keun Young and Hyun Seung Jin (2011) wrote “Who are Others in the Third-Person Effect: A Selectivity Downward Comparison of Non-Smokers and Smokers,” Annual Convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, St. Louis.

Raj Arora wrote "Bundling or unbundling frequently purchased products: a mixed method approach." Journal of Consumer Marketing, (2011).

Gene Brown wrote “Closed Influence Tactics: Do Smugglers Win in the Long Run?,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. (forthcoming 2011), with Subra Chakrabarty, and Robert E. Widing II.

Gene Brown wrote “The Consequences of Open Versus Closed Influence Strategies of Salespeople in a Developing Economy,” Marketing Management Journal (forthcoming 2011), with Subra Chakrabarty, and Robert E. Widing II.

Gene Brown wrote “Demographic Antecedents to the Practice of Adaptive Selling,” Marketing Management Journal (forthcoming 2011) with Subra Chakrabarty, and Robert E. Widing II.

Rita Cain wrote “Food, Inglorious Food: Food Safety, Food Libel and Free Speech,” Academy of Legal Studies in Business, 2011.

Rita Cain wrote “Embedded Advertising to Children: An Advertising Tactic that Requires a New Regulatory Approach,” at the Marketing and Public Policy Conference, American Marketing Association, June 3, 2011, Washington, D.C.

Shad Dowlatshahi (2011) wrote “An Empirical Study of the ISO 9000 Certification in Global Supply Chain of Maquiladoras," Accepted for publication in International Journal of Production Research. Vol. 49, Issue 1, 215-234(20).

Public Administration

Arif Ahmed & Fincham, J. E. (2011) wrote “Patients’ view of retail clinics as a source of primary care: Boon for nurse practitioners?” Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 23, 193-199.

Hong, L., Arif Ahmed, McCunniff, M. D., Liu, Y., Cai, J., & Hoff, G. (2011) wrote “Secular trend in hospital emergency department visit for dental care.” Public Health Reports, 126, 210-219.

Arif Ahmed wrote (Forthcoming, 2011). “Global public health and ethical issues.” In J.E. Fincham (Ed.), Health Policy and Ethics. London, UK: Pharmaceutical Press, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

David Renz (2011, January) wrote 2011 pilot program curriculum and program guide. Advanced Leadership Institute. Contracted for Partners for Recovery/Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network Program of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

David Renz wrote (2011, May) “ Board member or bored member: Strategies for developing engaged boards.” Break-out session of Annual Symposium of the Axelson Center, North Park University, Chicago Ill.

David Renz wrote (2011, February, also presented in March). Multi-event advanced leadership development program for emerging leaders. Presented at the Partners for Recovery/ATTC Network Advanced Leadership Institutes.

David Renz wrote (2011, February). “My boss is the board.” Webinar presentation for Axelson Center, North Park University, Chicago Ill.

David Renz wrote (Forthcoming 2011) “Comprehensive review of literature on nonprofit organization boards and governance.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

David Renz wrote (2011, Spring) “Adding a few more pieces to the puzzle: Exploring the practical implications of recent research on boards.” The Nonprofit Quarterly, 18/1, 14-20.

Nick Peroff wrote (2011, April) “Rethinking tribal leadership: Traditional worldviews and managing complexity in the 21st century.” Paper presented at the 2011 Annual Conference of the Western Social Science Association, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Brent Never, Clinton, E., & Hershberger, W. (2011, April) wrote “Informal gender roles on boards: The effect of emotional labor on how boards function.” Presented at the Governance Conference, Kansas City, Mo..

Brent Never, Nemenoff, E., & Doyle, J. (2011, April) wrote “The use of organizational champions: Boards as bridges to resources.” Presented at the Governance Conference, Kansas City, Mo.

Brent Never and Scott Helm (Under review, 2011) wrote “De-coupling community development organizations from funder demands during tough times.” Journal of Urban Affairs.

Brent Never (2011) wrote “The case for better maps of social service provision: Using the holy cross dispute to illustrate more effective mapping.” Voluntas: International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations, 22/1, 174-188.

Brent Never (2011). Understanding constraints on nonprofit leadership tactics in times of recession. Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Brent Never wrote “The Use of Organizational Champions: Boards as Bridges to Resources.” Co-Authored with Erin Nemenoff and Jim Doyle. Governance Conference, Kansas City, Mo., 2011.

Faculty Research 2010

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Richard Arend and M. Levesque wrote "Testing the Resource-Based View: Simulation Results for Violating VRIO" for Organization Science.

Richard Arend wrote "Patterns of Sustained Performance: beginnings, paths and ends" for European Management Journal.

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