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Teachers Training Program (TTP)

Teachers Training Program at Bloch School

The Bloch Teachers Training Program (TTP) is a 20-day immersion program for teachers and administrators in Chinese Universities to learn the U.S. model of the higher education system. This residential program is designed to provide administrators from Chinese universities an opportunity to travel to United States for a top notch learning and development experience. During the program, participants will take courses taught by top professors at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and also be introduced to various aspects of American culture and university systems. Participants will gain an in-depth perspective and insight to best practices for the respective industries including Human Resources, Physical Education and Student Affairs. The program also includes travel opportunities to both the east coast and the west Coast which entails cultural tours and recreational activities.

Program Length: 20 Days

Cities Included: Kansas City, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City

Program Benefits:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of student affairs administration in United States.
  • Gain new knowledge and global experience.
  • Become a better prepared and more confident administrator.
  • Be able to compare the differences between student affairs management style in China and the United States.
  • Grow an international network.
  • Enhance your expertise.
  • Interact and exchange ideas with the student affairs staffs in the United States.
  • Experience the American culture and have fun.

Program Topics:

  • Overview of higher education system in the United States
  •  Admission and transfer process in United States
  • Relationship between the university, government and local communities
  • Role played by student affairs in helping students gain a global perspective
  • Role played by student affairs leadership in a university's strategic plan and the journey to innovation
  • Academic development and supplemental instruction
  • Academic advising for the success of student
  • Students’ health and counseling / Students’ physical and psychological needs
  • Staff training and evaluation
  • Team building and designing a professional development plan
  • Visit private and public universities and their recreation facilities
  • Case studies, examples of assessment tools, practice, etc.
  • Introduction to student development theories.
  • How to engage the external community and alumni
  • The importance of student leadership and student organizations in the development of students
  • Redesigning student affairs strategy model

*The topics are subject to change based on instructor's schedule, curriculum development purpose or special requirements.

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