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The Bloch Student Affairs Administrators Training Program is a 20-day immersion program for directors and staffs from the Student Affairs Department in Chinese Universities to learn the U.S. model of Student Affairs Management. Participants will gain an in-depth perspective and insight to best practices followed by student affairs in the United States and walk away with innovative ideas.

Program Length: 20 Days

Cities Included: Kansas City, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City

Program Benefits:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of student affairs administration in United States.
  • Gain new knowledge and global experience.
  • Become a better prepared and more confident administrator.
  • Be able to compare the differences between student affairs management style in China and the United States.
  • Grow an international network.
  • Enhance your expertise.
  • Interact and exchange ideas with the student affairs staffs in the United States.
  • Experience the American culture and have fun.

Program Topics:

  • Overview of higher education system in the United States
  •  Admission and transfer process in United States
  • Relationship between the university, government and local communities
  • Role played by student affairs in helping students gain a global perspective
  • Role played by student affairs leadership in a university's strategic plan and the journey to innovation
  • Academic development and supplemental instruction
  • Academic advising for the success of student
  • Students’ health and counseling / Students’ physical and psychological needs
  • Staff training and evaluation
  • Team building and designing a professional development plan
  • Visit private and public universities and their recreation facilities
  • Case studies, examples of assessment tools, practice, etc.
  • Introduction to student development theories.
  • How to engage the external community and alumni
  • The importance of student leadership and student organizations in the development of students
  • Redesigning student affairs strategy model
  • Visit International Student Affairs Association (NASPA) and learn how they are connected internationally
*The topics are subject to change based on instructor’s schedule, curriculum development purpose or special requirements.

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