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Business Management Development Program

The Bloch Business Management Development Program is a program designed to provide business professionals the opportunity to travel to the United States for a residency and study experience. The 14-day immersion program allows business leaders from China to explore U.S. corporate management. During the program, participants will attend courses taught by top professors and executives in the U.S. Participants are introduced to various aspects of American culture and the U.S. university system. The program develops educational expertise through classroom lecture and a variety of experiential learning activities. Participants are also introduced to American culture through various cultural activities. Participants visit east coast cities including Washington D.C. and New York City.

Program Length: 14 Days

Cities Visited: Kansas City, Washington DC and New York City

Program Benefits:

  • Enhance knowledge in the business sector
  • Network with local business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Visit Fortune 500 companies to learn their stories and experience their coroporate culture
  • Gain exposure to innovative strategies and stimulate further innovative thinking
  • Redefine and develop strategies for careers and companies
  • Provide case studies to enhance understanding

Program Topics:

  • Case study: American Business Structures
  • Case study:
  • The Global Workforce
  • American Auditing and Account Sytems
  • Developing and sustaining business growth
  • Corporate leadership
  • Corporate finance management
  • Corporate human resource management
  • International management
  • Economic benefits of business standardization
  • Blue ocean strategy
  • Strategic thinking for leaders
  • Business ethics
  • U.S. corporation employee conpensation and benefits
  • The role of mentoring and coaching in employee development
  • The role of mentoring and coaching in employee development
  • Managing generational differences
*The topics are subject to change based on instructor’s schedule, curriculum development purpose or special requirements.

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