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The L.P. Cookingham Institute is excited to coordinate on-the-job learning for MPA students. Internships are a unique way for students to own a project a bring benefit to an organization and our community utilizing their education and knowledge. We have various opportunities from Neighborhood Associations throughout the region and local governments from time to time. We also have a standing opportunity at the Kansas City Missouri Mayor's office. If you would like to learn more about current opportunities contact Cindy Laufer or call 816-235-6306.

Kansas City Missouri Mayor's Office

There are several opportunities within the Kansas City, Missouri Mayor's office and city offices. The office will attempt to work with the students interests in placement. This internship is 40 hours per week in an 8-week summer session or 20 hours per week in a 16 fall or spring semester. The Mayor's office offers a stipend and tuition reimbursement for the internship class.


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